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Hey, Prince Of Excess, or anybody that is willing to help, my few friends and I that play together are tired of 1500 point lists & games, so I ask for help with my 2k list!

w/ bike
Artificer Armour
Hellfire Rounds
Power Fist


TL Lascannons
Missle Launcher

Venerable Dreadnought
Assault Cannon && CCW

(5) Terminator Assault Squad


(9) Scout Squad
W/ snipers & camo cloaks

(10) Tactical Squad
Vet w/ power weapon
1 w/plasma gun
1 w/ missle launcher

(10) Tactical Squad
Vet w/ power weapon
1 w/ plasma gun
1 w/ missle launcher

(6) Bike Squad
Vet w/ power fist
2 w/ melta guns

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader
w/ melta gun



Bikes, Dread, and Vindicator are anti-armor

Terminator's CC

Everything else infantry killers


P.S.- Prince you were a huge help with my 1500 list!

Thanks again:)

And I have 11 points left over

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Not bad, but with those 11 points, and maybe consider dropping the hellfire rounds from your bike captain, i would split the sniper squad into two groups of 5. One, you can select multiple targets, and two, It allows more flexibility when deploying, and more targets for them to hit.

Other than that so long as you have a good plan, you should be okay. I might also suggest keeping the venerable dread in reserve, and dropping it behind one of their assualt flanks, since you have an excellent base of fire line. Good luck, 2k can be a lot more fun than 1500, with a lot more options and a lot more possibilities of how to build your army. Good luck, have fun.
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