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2k take on all comers

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Word Bearers 2,000pt List: 2,000 points

This list is designed to take on all comers, and any comments or criticisms would be greatly appreciated. I’m very very inexperienced in 40k matters.


Chicxulub Chaos Lieutenant: Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Teleport Homer, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Strength, Daemonic Resilience, Daemonic Visage (-1 Ld), MoCU, Infiltrate [132pts]. Leads Squad D.
- OR -
Chicxulub Chaos Lieutenant: Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Teleport Homer, Frag Grenades, Melta Bombs, Daemonic Strength, Daemonic Flight, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Visage, Infiltrate [137pts]. Leads the Raptors
- OR -
Chicxulub Chaos Lord: Terminator Armour, CCW, Chainfist, Daemonic Visage, Bionics, MoCU [131pts]. Leads the Chosen.

I haven’t finally chosen which one to use yet, hence listing all three.


Squad of 3 Obliterators [210pts]

Squad of 7 Chosen Terminators: MoCU. 2x Reaper Autocannon, 1x Power Weapon, 2x Power Fist +5, 3x Lightning Claw, 1x Chainfist, Icon of Chaos Undivided, Aspiring with Daemonic Visage [344pts] <Assault weapon selection is due to how the figures are modelled>


Squad A of 6 CSM: CCW, Bolter, Lascannon , Plasmagun [109pts]

Squad B of 6 CSM: CCW, Bolter, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun [104pts]

Squad C of 7 CSM: MoCU, CCW, Bolter, Lascannon, Plasmagun, Infiltrate, Icon of Chaos Undivided [137pts]

Squad D of 7 CSM: MoCU, CCW, Bolt Pistol, Meltagun, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades, Infiltrate, Icon of Chaos Undivided [139pts]


Units of 6 Furies [90pts]

Units of 6 Furies [90pts]

Squad of 6 Raptors: Infiltrate, Furious Charge, Daemonic Flight & Daemonic Visage, CCWpn, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, 1x Plasma Pistol, 1x Meltagun, Markus D’Revingnon: Aspiring Champion with Melta Bombs & Power Fist [241pts]


Predator: Turret Mounted Twin-linked Lascannon, Additional side sponsons: H.Bolters, Parasitic and Daemonic Possession [170pts]

LR Sppt Unit of 7x Havocs: Infiltrate or Tank Hunters. 2x Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Autocannon [229pts] – I’m still not sure whether to choose
Infiltrate or Tank Hunters.

Hopefully, with 2 units of Furies and the configuration of the Raptor squad, two CSM units with Infiltrate, Deep Striking Terminators and maybe Obliterators with a Teleport Homer, most of my army can (and probably should) get in my opponents face pretty quickly.

I’ve seen Raptors give 3x Meltaguns and Furious Charge on a number of lists. Surely to get the best from Furious Charge, you need most of the unit to be pistol armed, and that’s why I’ve chosen a lighter load-out for them. Though 3 Meltaguns can do nasty damage, and are Assault weapons, with the extra Initiative and Strength, I’d prefer to be charging with multi-weapon attacks.

Giving MoCU to the Raptors also seems to be an extremely logical choice, but I think they’ll work best with Furious Charge. As I want them to have Infiltrate, this means they can’t have a Chaos Mark, which is a pain!

Using some Daemons seems quite appealing, but judging from the amount of lists that are posted, which don’t contain any Deamons, I guess they
ain’t that good? Still I need to see for myself, though any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Should I lose a CSM to upgrade the Lt. to a Lord?


Lord Ramon
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i would take a lord, but i dont like the way your lord is outifitted.. the chainfist on him will reduce his I 5 to I 1, and how is he and his chosen getting into h2h??

furies, although not too costly in pts, are not the strongest demons around. i would recommand something like mounted demonettes, or flesh hounds.. demons are good, but their arrival is quite unpredictable, sometimes they come too early, sometimes they come too late.. but if they come on time, and where you want them, they usually can make a mess out of your opponent best laid plans...

i would recommand not giving your havocs lascannons, as arming them with one would cost more than arming a normal CSM squad with one.. you could arm havocs with autocannon or missile launchers, as they can take out light tanks and some amount of infantry...
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