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Ok as you can guess from the title I entered a torney with my skaven not to long ago.
I took:
a cheap warlord.
a doom rocket carrier.
a pair of plague priests 9one on furness.
two units of clannies with mus and shields.
three units of slaves .
a large unit of giant rats.
a unit of plague monks.
a pair of units of censors.
a doom wheel.
and a Hell pit.

so I took a flawed list but one I was happy with (was quite competitive (or so I thought)).
I got there to see a pair of deamon armies with all the trimmings, a gateway Cav arny, A grind vampire list and anouther skaven army but this one maxed out on magic with two hell pits (wich I hate prefer doomwheels)!

so I have revised a list for next time useing more of what I like and less flak Tell me what you think and how it could be improved.

Greyseer, 2 power stones (so I can cast more spells more reliably)

Warlock, Lvl2,Condencer,Doom rocket (I love the doom rocket It rarely fails to make back the thirty points I spend on it...)

Plague preist, Lvl2,Flail,Plague Ferness,Staff of Scorcery

Plague preist,Lvl2,Flail,Scroll

3x 21 slaves, Mus

32 Clannies,shields,Mus

27 Monks,Full command,Storm Banner

2x 7 Censors

2x Doomwheel

142 Mini's
12 power die+2 power stones and D3 Warpstone tokens
7 Dispell die +1 Scroll+1 to dispell

What do you think about it? I feel I need more numbers but I like the magic and the Hitty-ness...
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