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I recently listed a bunch of stuff on eBay (UK) including some old weapon sprues from 2nd edition 40k.

Includes space marines:
Classic Rogue Trader 2nd edition Space Marine weapon sprue pistols ccw 40k | eBay
Rogue Trader 2nd ed 1992 Space Marine close combat weapon sprue pistols 40k | eBay

Eldar weapon sprue Rogue Trader 1990 40k classic retro vintage ccw pistols | eBay
Close combat weapon sprue Rouge Trader 1990s 40k shuriken GW oldhammer lot 2 | eBay

Genestealer / Chaos heavy weapon sprue Rogue Trader 1990 conversion beamer | eBay

In truth, I'd be sorry to part with these now rare items, but the trouble is I don't know if I can bring myself to use them!

I have other bits listed, and not listed, and can combine UK postage (but have no control over eBay's Global Shipping Programme prices).
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