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Fellow WoC players,
I am going to be playing in a 2v2 game this weekend and need some advice. We will be playing 2v2 chosen at random amongst 4 players. When my partner is chosen we will then construct our lists. I could be paired up with either, Woodelves, Orcs, Darkelves, or VC.
I am looking for some advice on what I should bring to the table when I am paired with any one of these four...
This is my first 2v2 game and have really no idea what to expect. Any advice or suggestions on what I should play are appreciated.

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u dont realy get much in a 2k list for chaos but 2 units of 18 warriors with halberd shield and mark of khorne is a good place to start
i wld take a hellcannon as it will do awsome in 2k
then maybe a warshine to buff up 1 of the units
i wld take a lord as woodleves, darkeleves and VC have awsome mages so u wont need 1 esp if u are with VC

for the lord i wld equip him as follows
talisman of preservation, axe of khorne, enchanted shield and favour and mark of tzeentch for a 2+/3+ save and S6 with killing blow
this guy is so hard to kill and is very killy

then a bsb with armour of destiny MoT and with either a flail or halberd
i wld maybe take a lvl 2 fire sorcerer with puppet, sword of striking and 3rd eye in the hopes that u get the sword spell as +1 to wound is awsome

but that is pretty much what u will get in 2k, so yea its kind of small

other options are to ditch the lord for an exulted with talisman of preservation, enchanted shield and halberd saving u about 150 points but if u face off against a VC lord then u are kind of screwed
if u ditched the sorcerer aswell u cld also take 6 trolls wich wld be nasty in 2k

i wld also consider fitting 2 units of 6 marauder cav both with MoS and flails to go after war machines etc

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If you get teamed with wood elves or dark elves then you will be a pretty powerful force - your warriors will be able to surge forward confident that the supporting fire from your allies will whittle down the oppositions annoying troops.

With this in mind, I would suggest going combat heavy, and let your ally handle the magic and shooting - although it might be worth taking a level 1 with the third eye of tzeentch, just in case...

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2v2 there are 2 big things to watch out for. the first is to anylize the strenths and weaknesses of the armies and try and max the strenths and minimize the weaknesses. The other thing is to consider what you are up against. If you roll up with Vamps as your partner, than you will face 1 or maybe even both of the shooting armies. Things to avoid against shooting armies = giants, monsters, lone characters. Things to bring vs shooting armies = Blasted standard, Nurgal marks, dogs.

The other big thing is to watch the physical size of your combined force. Comming up with theories on paper is all good, but I see alot of players unable to deploy their forces in a manner that works with their plans. Who has the BSB, who has the general, what troops do they need to support and which ones can run alone? Where on the table will they start and where will they end, who will get in their way if they don't be careful of what?

If you get paired with wood elves you should bring some suicide pills. I play both armies and they are pretty much the worst of the worst at this point in 8th edition rules. Just sayin

A few pointers in this event:

- Your combined magic could be decent. Our mages are not the most powerful but we do get access to some good lores and some offensive items (extra Power dice). WE can bring extra dispel dice and an item that grants a dispel dice for each dice over 3 they use. their magic D and your magic O could work well.
- None of his combat troops are worth taking at all. Anything he has you can bring better and cheaper. This limits his task to supporting fire, harrasment, and map/deployment control. their Bowfire is some of the best, and they have lots of flying troops for harrasment and machine/character hunting. Waywatchers can be Calvary's bane or assasinate lone characters.
- Bowfire may be good but it's only small damage at low str. No access to warmachines at all so a hellcannon is a must.
- Your troop choices should augment what he lacks: cheap units and heavy hitters/tanks. Marader units of large size, and any form of warrior or knight is good. I like to run 1 solid unit of each, but to each their own.

Other army combo's:
Dark Elves - Let him take control over the magic phase, they are just so much better at it than we are. Their CC troops can be good but are much more frail than ourselves. I would bring a Hellcannon or 2 as their bowfire isn't strong and their bolts are not much better. and lots of foot troops. with the DE magic and shooting phase, you have no need to cross the board fast so let him come to u, maybe use some dogs to disrupt their advancement line or flail marader units to ding them up even more as they get close..
Orcs - Not too familiar with everything they do now, but they are one army that is structured similarly to ours. Good at close combat, access to a TON of warmachines. If he wants to run alot of artillery than go for multiple units of foot sloggers. If he wants to do a CC style list than make your units small and elite. Take Chosen over warriors, and knights or dragon ogres can be fun. Throgg with a unit of trolls would fit the theme of the greenskins and the trolls are a compact force to be recond with.
Vamps: again there are 2 ways to go, magic heavy grindfest or CC oriented. The old ways of Vamps would be to overwhelm with magic and raising and just win with numbers. Not so much with the new magic rules but not impossible. The cheap, massive units of core would be good tie-ups and elimiate steadfast, while your smaller, power hitting units hit ont he flank to reduce ranks and deal some serious damage. Bloodknigts with a hero wielding the bloodsword can be terribly powerful, so if he runs that way insted than maybe focus on supporting that unit with knights or something of your own.

Your own builds: As I mentioned, you want your units to specialize to their task. If they are a hammer, give them halberds, if they are an anvil give them tzeech/shields. If you want them to be both than have your partner smack u upside the head and go back to purpose. I always URGE peopel to stay away from frenzy. +1 attack is sweet, failing to restrain a charge is not and compelling to overrun is even worse. A lord with the 3+ ward is a solid, reliable bet. Giving him a halberd is a cheap way to make him str 6. I emphisize cheap as few of these armies will let that thing go toe-to-toe with anything of theirs of value and the less points he costs the more you have to spend on other stuff. Bringing the puppet is the safe bet, but lately I've had multiple game stretches where it wasn't used at all. as with frenzy my choice on lores is to go for the reliable lores over the chancy ones. you *might* get flaming sword with fire, but if you don't you get a bunch of str4 hits. Shadows is probably the most reliable lore in the game for us, as the 3 hexes and 1 augment are always usefull. Shadow damage isn't so good vs elves but great vs the other armies. Slaneesh CAN be pretty good against orcs and elves but can also be complete crap depending on all spells rolled.

Some item/gear combos: Tzeech BSB with book of secrets and collar of khorne in a unit of tzeech warriors with the blasted standard: This unit itself has a 4+ ward save vs non-combat wounds and a 5+ parry in combat, not to mention armour. The BSB would take shadow lore as it is the only lore with a signature spell that can always be cast (huge range and can be cast into combat),and himself a 5+ ward vs everything. This will be a good unit vs most of the armies presented.

Nurgal Knights - probably the best thing to cross lines and engage archers/warmachines early. You want to time when you pull the trigger for the charge on these guys as if you go too soon they will get flanked. if you wanted to go with a magic banner I would take either +1 combat res or the rapterous standard.

2-3 chariots - these can be devistating against elves of any sort, and can add alot of damage with a small base size. use them in combination with allied troops, or with one another. make sure you think about frontages with the units you combo with, a horde of goblins will not allow you to kidy-corner with the chariot as they can get more # of small models in if they take both corners (and they will!)

Large units of maraders - Should be avoided. Sorry but pretty much every army (but WE) can bring something that fills that use better.

thats alll I have for now, hopefully some of it made sense and wasn't a hunger induced delusion.
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