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The Dark Knight
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I'll be playing a large game with 3 other guard players. We will have 3,000 points each. As far as I know we will be playing against necrons, chaos demons, chaos space marines and dark eldar. Don't have a lot of experience with dark eldar could use some pointers. Each guard player is going to try and max out a certain section. Such as heavy support, fast attack, infantry platoons with heavy weapons and mobile troops with special weapons. I'm doing mobile troops with special weapons.

Company Command Squad x2 (In chimera's)
4 plasma guns

Platoon Command Squad x4 (In chimera's)
12 plasma guns
4 flamers

Infantry Squad x8
8 auto cannons
8 grenade launchers

Special Weapon Squad x8
6 plasma guns (Riding in vendetta's)
18 grenade launchers (In chimera's)

Dedicated Transport
Chimera x12
12 multi lasers
12 heavy flamers

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship x2
2 heavy bolters

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank x3
3 heavy bolters (hull)

Aegis Line with Quad Gun

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About dark eldars: Autocannons are your best friend. Volume of mid str fire is what will put them down their vehicles, and DE without vehicles are DEad (caps intended)

Down to the list: we have basically no point limitations, therefore, go with regimental advisors! Officer of the fleet: screw hard those daemons, plus helldrakes, plus necron flyers. If your gaming circle decides that if multiple OotF stacks across different rosters, make your friends take one too! Reserves on a roll of 6+? yes please! If not, be sure to take at least one across your team. The astropath is optional, since flyers are nice if they come in after the opponent's...
Remember that the SWS cannot start inside a chimera, because they're dedicated transports bought for the infantry squads. So, it's theirs or none, during deployment.

You're betting a lot on plasmaguns, but i'd be more cautious. your firepower will decrease sharply overtime due to certain overheats. I'd look for different loadouts, expecially for the SWS in vendetta, which flamers and demo charges may be better and cheaper options.

Last thing, based on your opponents:
Dark eldar have 4+ armor or worse, and weak vehicles;
Daemons have invulnerable saves;
Necrons may have 3+ saves but their troops (i guess the main target, if the game is obj based) don't have a 3+ save;
Chaos marines may have power armor, but in my opinion, looking at their partners, they will provide a lot of cultists to grab backfield objectives.
This leads to: drop the leman russes, get 3 exterminators with sponsons heavy bolters and wreak havoc on their lines. The standard blast will be too often either a) overkill b) not very effective

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swap all special weapon squads to have melta-guns and now u have a force that looks scary as at 3k u have nothing to deal with heavy armour (13/14) effectivley and at that points level u will see alot of heavy armour

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I still love the plasma guns from the chimeras. I reccomend 2/3rds with plasmas and the rest with meltas. Meltas or flamer/demmo SWS make more sense in the vendettas. Quad flamer PCS are still great from chimeras for the low cost and the appauling number of hits they can achieve.

Officer of ther fleet makes a lot of sense in large games and if you take warlord traits (1 per player) they can get a similar effect to stack. Multiple OoTF won't stack even from different primary detatchments. Hydras are great against Dark Eldar skimmers but in large games whatever is fast, deadly and relatively easy to kill tends to get shot first anyway.

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Against DE, I have found that the LR Eradicator is brutal. AP4, ignores cover, doubles out toughness 3, is not ordinance, so you don't have to snapfire other weapons.. It might be a better option than the Stock LRBT.
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