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Wanted to go for the steel legion look tell me what you think.

Company Command Squad x2 (In chimera's)
8 plasma guns
2 bolt pistols

Commissar Yarrick

Veteran Squad x6 (In chimera's)
12 plasma guns
6 melta guns
4 missile launchers

Platoon Command Squad x2
8 grenade launchers
2 bolt pistols

Infantry Squad x6
6 grenade launchers
6 missile launchers

Special Weapon Squad x4 (2 riding in vendetta's)
12 flamers

Dedicated Transport
Chimera x8
8 multi lasers
6 heavy bolters
2 heavy flamers

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship x2 (Separate Units)
4 heavy bolters

1 heavy bolter

Scout Sentinel x4 (Squadrons of 2)
4 auto cannons

Heavy Support
Manticore Rocket Launcher

Basilisk x3 (Separate Units)
3 heavy bolters

Aegis Line with Quad Gun

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HQ: I know it's a big list and you have loads of points to play with but the PW and BPs can all go. Yarik is ok at protecting the warlord but I'm not too keen on paying all those points.

Troops: swap 2 plasma vet squads for meltavets. Might be nice to run a PCS or two with 4 flamers in a chimera. SWS in vendettas should take all flamers or Melta/Demos. Other SWS I would convert to PCS as they are cheaper and get to issue orders. Arm some chimeras with ML+HF particularly those with shorter ranged passengers like meltavets.

Fast: Split the vendettas into 2 units as you are using a double FOC so have spare slots. Others are fine.

Heavy: OK, especually if this large game is on a 6x8' table.
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