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Hive Tyrant

Bone sword and lash whip
Heavy venom cannon
Old adversary
Acid blood
Leech essence*

Tyrant guard *3


Scything talons
Acid blood


Zoanthropes *3

Mycetic spore

Hive guard *3

Doom of malantai'*

Mycetic spore

Fast attack

Gargoyles *18

Adrenal glands


Warriors *5

Scything talons
Rending claws
Toxin sacs

Termagants *18


Genestealers *11

Toxin sacs

Hormagaunts *15

Toxin sacs

Heavy Support

Trygon Prime*

Toxin sacs

Carnifex brood *3

Crushing claws*
Scything talons
Toxin sacs


Rupture cannon

Total 2993

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Not got time for a full break down right now but a few nuggets to give at first glance

drop doom hes great a low point any think over 1250 hes dead dead dead any s8 weapon is messing him up at 3k there will be plenty. tervigon in the HQ slot is a cardinal sin never ever ever ever ever ........ever.................ever!

make your tyrant shooty or cc not both

im not sure what you expect 15 homos to do at 3k other thank die, both T and H gants units of 30 minimum (also happens to be max)

not doing the exact points but

drop doom
drop the h gant there are too few
drop the gargolys they dont fit your army
drop the devis on the T gants its a wast of points more gants is best-est
drop whatever upgrades you gave your tervigon and take= toxin sacs, A glands, catalyst
add another unit of 30 gants naked 150pts
add 3 more hive guard 150
drop all the fex (just for the point to buy...)
add one more Tfex 265
add tygon 200
add another (troop)tervigon- TS, Ag + cat 195

is this a friendly game or do you want a good solid list?

do you know what army you will be playing against?
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