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So my gaming club decided to run a "galaxy-sized" campaign, and we were allowed to play with at most two different armies (One would be trying to conquer one planet, the other another planet; that kind of idea) Anyways, these are the two Nid armies I chose to play with.

Pandemus Fleet

List 1 [Swarm Army]-1491 pts total

Winged, WF, IA, ES, 2x TL-Devs

4x 16 Spinegaunts=320 total

15 Termagaunts=90

5 ripperswarms=70

3x 3 Warriors=297
ES, EC, RC, Deathspitter

2x Raveners=100
ST/RC, Dev

2x 2 Toxin Spore Clusters= 40

2x Zoanthropes=130
Synapse, WB

2x Carnifex=248
ES, BS, FH, TL-Devs

List 2 [Nidzilla army]-1500

2x Tyrants=406
Winged, WF, ES, IA, AG (I), 2x TL-Devs

2x 3 Ripper Swarms =60

2x 2 Raveners=200
ST/RC, Devourer

3x Carnifexes=342
ES, 2x TL-Devs, FH

3x Carnifexes=492
ES, VC, BS, FH, Reinforced Chitin
As always, all Feedback and C&C are welcomed and appreciated.
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