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3200pt list for 9th edition vs elves

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Let me know what you all think, i have quite a few wins and losses under my belt and have tryed out a ton of combanation against high and dark elves and this is what i will think will work.

Slaughtermaser, Bruiser and butcher all running with the ogres with MR3 and DHB.

a unit of iron guts with the firebelly and the thundertusk on either side of them for flanking and always strike last.

the other unit of iron guts to go F*** S*** up/ watch the flanks/ hunt monsters.

sabertusks alone to get the beployment i want as well as watching flanks and charging the bolt throwers.

Maneaters... to do what scouting maneaters with GW's do best.

Mournfang deployed on either side of the stone horn for destroying anything they charge. and itll look cool lol.

and iron blaster to shoot S***.


SlaughterMaster – 250
Lvl 4 – 35
Ironfist - 3
GrutSickle - 50
Crown of command - 35


Bruiser – 105
Iron fist – 4
HA – 4
BSB – 25
Dragon Hide Banner - 50

Butcher – 100
Lvl 2 - 35
Obsidian LodeStone - 45
Iron Fist – 3

Fire Belly – 120
Gr8 Wpn - 9
Lvl 2 – 35


Ogres 9 – 270
SB/M – 20
Iron Fist – 18

Iron Guts 6 – 258
SB/M – 20

Iron Guts 5 – 215
SB/M – 20


SaberTusk x6 - 126

ManEaters 6 – 300
SB/M – 20
GWx3 – 33
Heavy Armour – 24

Mournfang 2 – 120
SB– 10
Ironfist – 10
HA – 10

Mournfang 2 – 120
SB– 10
Ironfist – 10
HA – 10


Ironblaster – 170

Stone Horn – 250

Thunder Tusk – 250
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Hi mate, welcome to the forum first thing. You can not post naked pts for things. so giving the points for the iron fist etc and for models/units that have no upgrades is a big no.
Now that I have gotten that out of the way. You need to state what magic lore the wizards are using (fire belly is an obvious so no need). Also 3 wizards is a lot to have when you will only average 7 power dice per turn. That's 3 spells if you get lucky.
Also why no ward saves? You need them to keep the BSB and gen alive. I would drop the magic banner on the BSB and grab him the talisman of preservation and the enchanted shield with heavy armour for a 3+ armour and 4+ ward. The slaughter master could grab the armour of silvered steel, talisman of endurance and a great weapon for a 2+ armour, 5++ ward and S6 attacks.
I would also combine the guts together and the mornfang.
I also think 3200 pts is far too much for someone that I may be so bold as to say seams new to the game.
You seam to be just throwing all the models you have into an army for the sake of it.

I myself do not play Ogres, but often face them.
Hopefully a more experienced player will lend his words to mine.

Anyway, hope I didn't come across too harsh or anything mate.
All the best.
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Best slaughter master combo is glittering scales fencers blades and tali of endurance with law of the great maw. Lucas is very right about the bsb that load out is best.

I also agree with lucas about the amount of wizards. even with khaine rules you won't have enough diec.

maneaters are quality enough said. Your 2 morn fang are going to stuggle slam them together into a unit of 4. Core i would shrink to 2 units first 10 iron guts with slaughter master full command lookout noblar banner of disiplin and fire belly, 11 ogres Champ, Standard look noblar iron fists. that should be you sorted there.

you have alot of saber tusks i would say 2 lots of 2 is more than enough. I personally love my thunder tusks always take 2 and there stone thrower is good against your tough 3 elves. I have never had much luck with the stone horn unless as a hunters mount but its personal preferance on this. i would consider a second unit of 4 mornfang (these guys are stupidly good) and your cannon and your golden.

You shouldn't need to worry about war machines hitting your big monsters.

key to winning charge the elves hate impact hits watch for his death star (white lions banner of the world dragon everqueen) and with dark elves the cauldren unit. Your iron guts should be able smash any opponent in an elf list.

I would also give some thought to lead belchers 8 of these will ruin the elves day especially the death stars.
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I seem to be playing against elves all the time lately. And i really agree on the " charge to win" mentioned earlier. Elves really do not like impact hits! Stomps they do not seem to appreciate either.

There is no point in bringing all those wizards. Do not try to beat them at their own game, you will not make that. Best of getting some melee attacks in and seen them squirm.

I usually run my ogres in 4wide x 2 deep. Against Elves, it is a good way to get max attacks out of the unit and their S3 attacks is something you should not have to fear!

Beef up the BSB, the set up mentioned earlier works wonders. And yes, i have lost a unit of 7 ironguts with banner and champ and a lvl 4 slaughtermaster with gear to a roll of 11 on a panic test because a scraplauncher blew itself up and I did not put a 25pt BsB on the bruiser 2" next to the SM's unit.

2 units of 2 mournfang, nah.. make it 1 unit of 3 or 4 ( up to you). Personally i would replace the IronFists for great weapons. You strike last anyway, so might aswell use that extra 2s against the "tougher" elf units like Cavalry.
A unit of leadbelchers is heaps of fun too. D6 shots per Ogre and -2 on Elf armor saves, usually means, 3's to kill at 24" range ( well, the 5's you roll to hit first any ways)
Maneaters I run 3x Ahw up front and 3x GW in the back and of course with HA and Banne . Maneaters and Leadbelchers are the only 2 units I do run in 3x2.

hope there is some stuff in here that will help you bring pride to the tribes!
Hit hard, eat well!
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2 units of 2 mournfang, nah.. make it 1 unit of 3 or 4 ( up to you). Personally i would replace the IronFists for great weapons. You strike last anyway, so might aswell use that extra 2s against the "tougher" elf units
no no no never take great weapons maybe if your taking 6-8 and getting ranks but first off its the morn fang doing the damage second you want them hard to kill they hit like a ton of bricks regardless of what they hit it's all about a 2+ 6++ tough 4 3+ will bleed wounds I wouldn't even be worried about my elf spearman taking that as I would have near a 100% hit rate converting a 3rd into wounds and a 3rd not being saved 2+ 6++ well that's just plan nasty to kill. The comment of tougher elves doesn't exist their all tough 3 and again other units that's why you have the gut star to mash heavier stuff
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