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Warboss on bike
w/ Bike, Pk, BP, Cybork, Attack Squig And Kombi Skorcha
= 340


6x Warbikers w/ Nob, PK and Bp= 190
6x Warbikers w/ Nob, Pk and Bp= 190
6x Nobz w/ bikes
w/ 4x Pk, 4xBp, 4x kombi skorcha, 1x painboy, 4x cybork and 2x Ughh Choppas
=485 (could someone double check this for me, plse?)


5x Deff Koptas w/ Pk, 1x Big Bomm=265
5x Deff Koptas w/ Pk, 1x Big Bomm=265
5x Deff Koptas w/ Pk, 1x Big Bomm=265

Thats 20x Bikes and 15x Jetbikes

I played this list already with a different upgrade set-up. Though, 15x TL rockets a turn while a bunch of bikes zooming at you is scary. My first fight was with a Tau player he conceded by his turn two, no joke. What i need help with is maybe getting rid of one unit of koptas and maybe getting more warbikers or buffing up my nob bikers? Any help or suggestion guys?

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It's an interesting list, that has a lot of speed, but you'll have trouble against shooty armies that can instant-kill your nobz, like Imperial Guard and Eldar.

Do you mean one bosspole? There's no reason to take 4, as you only get the benefit once. If so, then your math is correct. I don't like uge choppas though, and that's a LOT of powerkalws, making them a very tempting target. I'd cut out 1-2 of them, especially if the warboss or gutsmek is going there.

Big bombs are a terrible ripoff, and the buzzsaws (powerklaws for deffkoptas) are kind of weak, since they're wielded by normal boyz instead of nobz.

What the list really needs is 1-2 units of 12-19 grots, for claiming objectives and distracting your opponent.

Good luck!
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