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For the 25 anniversary of warhammer my local store organises a battle night and we'll be playing 6k point legendary battles and I only got 3k of men so...

This is the list i made. Coments please!


lord on star dragon
vambraces of defence
armour of caledor
sword of battle

lv 2 mage
1 dispel scroll
silver wand

lv 2 mage
ring of corin
jewel of dusk

noble bsb
ring of fury
dragon armour/ enchanted shield

16 lothern seaguard
shields/ fc / banner of arcane protection

10 archers

10 archers

15 sword master
fc/ banner of sorcery /skeinsliver

10 white lions (sorry you guys I just don't have the command and i'm not able to buy them)

a white lion chariot

5 silver helms
fc / shields

a great eagle

a bolt thrower

Yes, yes some of it might look silly but the problem is I don't have all the models to make other lists. Tell me what you think about it
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