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the teams are 2 eldar 2 marines and me. vs 5 chaos one with the BIG bloodletter

Essex 12th Regiment. 1315

Drop Troops
Iron D
Conscript squads
Independent commissars

172 Command Platoon
Capitan Greyburn (Pp, PW, Refractor field, med Crim)
Meltagun, master vox, Medic, Comp banner

80 Mortar Team
80 Mortar team

86: Commissar Cromwell: MC pw, Bolt pistol, Refractor( Command Squad)

400 1st Platoon

88: Lt. Thatcher( Pw, Storm bolter, Frag)
Medic, Vox, 2 grenade

75: Vox, Plasmagun

75: Vox, Meltagun

83: Vox, Heavy Bolter, Grenade launcher

88: Vox, Missile Launcher

266 Militia Troupe
50 Conscripts, 4 heavy bolters 1 flamer

220: Vanquisher
Heavy bolter, Heavy stubber, extra armor, smoke, improved comms

Inquisition 1146

Ordo Hereticus inquisitor lord
Familiar, 2 warriors, sage

Psy hood, stake Bolter, Psycannon rounds, Power sword

3 Calidus

4 Vindicare

Super heavy tank.
Possible baneblade, or some other variant.

Do you fine people think that with enough support from my allies, who will have 2 eldar titans that we should be able to work this well? and that i personally will pull my own weight?

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Imperial Guard and Apocalypse

Well first thing to remember is Apocalypse is all about fun, not about winning at all. Balance goes right out the window, so it's important to keep your opponents' enjoyment of the game in mind.

The Vindicare snipers should be fun. I took 5 of them in one game and they really didn't do anything except pop a few sergeants here and there. It was just fun seeing my snipers cap enemy troops without much retaliation against them.

The Callidus assassins work wonders. Don't forget to reposition your enemy's troops unless you don't want to tip off the fact that you have them. They can just pop up next to Havoc squads and butcher the poor guys.

Have you considered using the Assassin formation that Games Workshop has on their website in the Apocalypse section?

Basically the more fluffy you are with your list, the better for Apocalypse. I like how you gave your Imperial Guard officers a lot of stuff which in a competitive game I would never do. And Mortar Squads! Yes! Perfect for Apocalypse.

If you can field the Baneblade, go ahead and do it. It will probably be a huge fire magnet and just get blown to kingdom come, but it has a lot of guns. You can give it a pintle mounted gun which is an Anti-Air mount surprisingly enough as well as extra sponsons.

I'm sure you will be able to have loads of fun with your current list.
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