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Hive Tyrant 220
Heavy Venom Cannon
Scything Talons
Hive Commander
Leech Essence
(I've taken the bait and am going for a Hive tyrant, for only 35 more than a venom cannon fex I get paroxysm, Leech essence and Hive commander, and of course a hq.)

2 zoanthropes
Mycetic Spore
(Id like to try out DoM but I dont have a model I can use for it yet, in addition to 2 zoanthropes)

11 Genestealers 214
(broodlord did well for me last game, so I will continue with him till he proves worthless)

22 Hormagaunts 220
Adrenal Glands
Toxin Sacs
(a risky choice but I want toxin sacs annd I may need adrenal glands, I just dont have much anti-tank units to choose from that I can fit in 1500pts)

19 Termagants 190
(I dropped the spore as advised, so I could fit in another unit)

Tervigon 185
Adrenal Glands
(I think this guy could be a game winner for me, though has has done nothing really in 2 games. If I use him more agressively it may pay off)

4 Warriors 150
Rending Claws
Barbed Strangler
(the extra synapse that seemed neccessary, should be good at sitting in terrain and providing support, when I get a DoM model I will probably swap these out for DoM in mycetic Spore)

Heavy Support
(Im going to use this to try to disrupt infantry in terrain)

My concern is antitank but here are the models I have, considering I play Space Wolves a fair ammount I cant do a lot about it.

Hive Tyrant
Venomthrope, 2 Zoanthropes
78 stealers, 30 hormagaunts, 28 spinegaunts, 22 termagants, 6 Warriors, 9 rippers
7 Raveners,
4 carnifexes, Mawloc/trygon

Im planning to add a deathleaper and gargoyles to my swarm and Doom of Malan'tai, then maybe eventually get round to adding the antitank.
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