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4-Army Round Robin Idea

Hey guys,

This is just an idea for a group of friends - the idea is to have quick and exciting games, and try out interesting army combo's and synergies.

The Mad Alliances

There will be 4 armies (each 1000pts. in size) playing 2v2 over three games.
A. Warriors of Chaos
B. Skaven
C. Empire
D. Ogre Kingdoms or Lizardmen

Game 1. AB-vs-CD
Game 2. AD-vs-BC
Finale AC-vs-BD

Combined armies will share/allocate magic as they see fit. Both must field their own hero, but other percentages such as Core, Special, and Rare may be shared.

I'll be playing WoC.
Each game ends once one of the 4 armies has been completely destroyed.

The winner is the player with the most points left in their list. With re-enforcements being awarded for the next battle as follows:
4th Place +100 points troops.
3rd Place +50 points troops.
2nd Place -50 points troops.
1st Place -100 points troops.

For killing an enemy hero (in CC or by 1:1 magic) you will gain 20pts. of items for your hero the following game (disregarding your army/item-rules limit).

Holding the Objective Zone when the game ends allows you to steal an item from another player's item list (including your ally) from their army book - meaning they can no longer use it and you may if you wish.

No magic Lore can ever be used twice. This forces variety into the magic phase, and may mean you have to let your ally do the casting and means picking a magic lore very strategically since you only get it once.

Winner buys drinks!

What do you guys think, sound fun?

I will add amendments.suggestions in RED.
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