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[400 cp] please help!!!

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OK so i just got confirmation of the format for my local conflict tournament.

doubles; 400pts each using the combat patrol rules; playing five games

a big change from last year (straight 1k; three games) and i'm having trouble with force selection. IG seem like a good idea (numbers and hvy weapons) teamed with space wolves(close combat goodness). hence i am posting this on both SM and IG forums.(if this is wrong some one tell me and i'll punish myself severly..... just give me time to find the flesh eating earwig...)

and was planing along these lines:

Guard: junior officer, morter team

2x inf sqds (1x missle launcher, 1x hvy bolter)

senital; autocannon

6x stromtrooper; plasma gun

this comes to about 315pts so any ideas as to what else? i'd love to take a fire support sqd but can't without a command platoon or a hvy weapon platoon hq, right? chimera seems to eat too many pionts... ideally i want more infantry based fire power so any ideas as to how to squeeze in as many hvy weapons as possible into remaining pionts?

this to be teamed with;

Space wolves: 8x grey hunters; 1x plasma, 1x power sword, 1x power fist

1x land speeder tornado

3x blood claws bikers; 1x power sword

4x wolf scouts; 1x power sword

plan to form fire base with imperial guard, use the sentinal to flank, infiltrate the storm troopers attack with the bikes and grey hunters while engaging oppnents rear with the wolf scouts(ala 'operating behind enamy lines')

so will it work?

and if anyone can see anything that doesn't fit the combat patrol rules can they let me know as they seem a little vague to me:( . for example do we need to adhere to the 'retinues' rule for space wolves? or does the combat patrol statement that i 'may' but don't have take a hq take precidence?

also any advice on the best use of docterines to get around the combat patrols min requirerments would be appretiated.

thanks in advance.
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I would personally include a hellhound (I think they can be in CP) as they are cheap, fairly well armoured and have an awesome gun.

Other than that you seem to have a solid list.
unfortuanatly hell hounds armer totals 34; max allowed is 33 so much to my dissapiontment i can't take one.

vehicle choices are only chimeras or sentinels; the first eats alot of my pioonts total and i've allready included the other...

do you have an opinion on taking: grenadiers (2x5) and then a hvy weapons plattoon with a cople of fire support sqds instead of the inf platton included in list above? it would give me more hvy weapons but fewer warm and squishy guard bodies to protect them with.

also: morter/ hvy bolter/ missle launcher/ auto cannon ok as weapons choices? figure the indirect fire of the morter may actually be usfull in 400pts.

Mortars are generally too unreliable to be a fantastic use, heavy bolters and autocannons are your best friend (especially autocannons).

Numbers are very important, keep your numbers then focus on heavy weapons and the like.
just a thought but if i use a few docterines i could take 1x6 storm troopers as my troops choice then hvy weapon platton (hq and 1x3 hvy bolter), 2x vetren sqd 1 with hvy bolter and one with missle launcher, plus the sentinal to give me the same numbers as above (if i've estimated the pionts correctly)

only draw back being that the stormtroopers couldn't infiltrate but the two sqds of vets could... is this a cheesy use of docterines?

it would give me 4x hvy bolter, 1x morter, 1x auto cannon and 1x missle launcher plus a few special weapons; i don't have to codex with me so i'm unsure what else i can sqeeze in...

still it looks fairly solid for 400pts?!?

morter means i can try to keep out of line of sight with the junior officers unit. however if i go with the grenadiers/hvy weapons/vets idea i really dont need the leadership so maybe a couple of grenade launchers and a storm bolter would be better?
Seems okay to me, it should work though numbers are going to matter, but its up to you.

For special weapons I would use plasma guns due to their ranger and rapid fire.
true plasma guns would be the better choice as with high strengh/low AP ther isn't anything in combat patrol that they couldn't kill.

damn... i need to get the codex in front of me to workout how many pionts i'd be under/ over
and then workout if i can afford a couple of plasma guns...

any opinions on anything from the space wolves list would be greatly appreciatted...i know this is the IG forum but you may spot something that i've missed.

The space wolves list is solid, I would personally include a really cheap wolf priest to add some nasty CC but otherwise its solid.
Be aware of the blood claws, trust me, you DO NOT want to be on the recieving end of one of their charges. Been there, done that, don;t really want to go back. Oh, you have a good list too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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