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[400] Dark Angels Combat Patrol

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Playing limited points has never been my strong suit, however my friends are wanting to play more combat patrols and hence peer pressure sinks

Anyways, if u guys could take a look at this list that would be great thanks!!!!


Alpha Squad (10 models)
1 Sergent bp and ccw
9 bolter marines

Beta Squad (5models)
1 heavy Bolter
1 blasma gun
3 bolter marines


Land Speeder Tornado 1

Land Speeder Tornado 2

Thats the list and it comes out to be a perfect 400 points...

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I personally think two LST (normal ones are okay) in 400 points is cheesy, I would drop one for some more marines in squad Beta, otherwise that is a solid list.
DA_Force Commander

I would move the plasma gun to the larger squad. Why? Well the HB cannot move and fire- and it's longer range means the plasma gun might not be able to fire every move as prefered targets are out of range.

The plasma gun can can move AND fire as it is an assault weapon. It would be more usefull to blast away prior to assault with the larger more mobile squad. Keep the smaller squad as fire support, don't move, and shoot the HB every turn.

The 2 LST's are an excellent choice.

Just my views
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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