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I'm creating a 400 point Border Patrol, for 40k in 40 mins rules. It will mostly be used in city terrain, or an open jungle setting. Please give your comments and advice, I am mainly not sure about the Basilisk, but this is mainly for theme and fluff. :) I have no idea how it will fair! :alien:

- Light Infantry
- Sharpshooters


IX Platoon

Squad 1
- 8 with Lasguns
- 1 Guardsman with Grenade Launcher
- Sergeant with Lasgun and Surveyor
Total Points = 70

Squad 2
- 8 Guardsmen with Lasguns
- 1 Guardsman with Flamer
- Sergeant with Lasgun and Surveyor
Total Points = 68

Squad 3
- 9 Guardsmen with Lasguns
- Sergeant with Lasgun and Surveyor
Total Points = 62

Fire Support Squad
- 2 Guardsmen using Autocannon
Total Points = 55

Heavy Support

- Extra Armour
- Indirect Fire
Total Points = 130

Total = 385




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Hey Pierced. A few illegal things about this roster...

1. An infantry platoon needs a command squad - it's mandatory as part of the choice.
2. You can only take fire support squads in Command Platoons and Heavy Weapons Platoons, not Infantry Platoons.
3. Your fire support squad needs to consist of 6 guardsmen and 3 Heavy Weapons, you can't opt to ditch 4 men and take a single team, sorry.

As a note on composition I would advise that you go a different way with this. As Mike has pointed out, the Basalisk is illegal in this game, so you will need to write something else into the army anyway, but my advice would be that infantry are no good in the role you are trying to perform.

A guard squad is meant to be used as line infantry, so a squad with just a grenade launcher won't really pay off, and with 1 BS3 shot in cityfight terrain, you will be lucky if you see it hit once before they get charged and massacred. They will basicaly be a sub-standard mobile infantry assault squad. The same goes for the flamer, it's even more useless than the GL on guard infantry, and the squad with lasguns will pose a threat to nobody.

If you want to get some special weapons in there, I suggest you use some of our finest Imperial Storm Troopers! They are perfectly suited for this role, 2 special weapons, carapace armour, and frag grenades for free - which is extremley useful in a terrain heavy battlefield. Give them plamsaguns, meltaguns or if you really have to: flamers, but this is a waste of their BS.

Obviously this is just my advice, but your current army is illegal and to me it dosen't seem cut out to do it's job. Stormies would do it far more effectivley.
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