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Try a unit of grey hunters sensibly tooled and a wolf priest (who is invaluable).

Give the priest healing potions and balms for extra survivability. Give the grey hunters a wolf guard leader and you have a list thats harder than it sounds, i've used it to great effect.

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A nice list which has been spooking around in my head the last week might be fun.

9 Grey Hunter pack w/ 7 bolters, melta, 1 p.fist/bp (215)
Drop pod

3 BC Bikers w/ 1 p.fist (188 )
WGPL w/ twin-LC, frags, Runic Charm, WTNecklace, bike

= 403

The WG gives the BC a very good punch hitting on initiative and the BC provide him with a meatshield. The WG does cost a whopping 86 pts, so he needs the meatshield and the Charm.
They can start cleaning stuff up, making sure they don't loose their lifes too early, until the GH arrive and start boltering and fisting the greatest masses of enemies to death.

I know the list is 3 pts over. One could opt to drop the WG's Charm. Alternatively one could drop the GH's bolters or 1 GH for a 2nd powerweapon or fist.


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Just a suggestion, bit cheesy ...

1 x WFBL - Frost Blade, Auspex, Bolt Pistol 83pts
9 x Blood Claws - 6 with Bolt Pistol/CCW, 1 with Bolt Pistol/Power Fist, 1 with Bolt Pistol/Power Weapon, 1 with meltagun 154pts

and now for the chedder :)

2 x landspeeder tornado 160pts

total 397pts

never used it, just made it up so no idea how it would play but with the 2 speeders looks nasty to me :)
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