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Lately the productiveness of the Vassal Project has suddenly dropped, I have no idea why, but i wish to up the productiveness again, we currently need more sprite drawers and more people overall to comment on work and work on different modules like Fantasy and Aeronautica etc. We were starting Warmachine and Hordes mods but they sorta died, If people wish to help us create these modules all help is greatly appreciated.

The Warhammer 40k module is currently getting new sprites but the group cannot do all the sprites at once so we need more help.

The Warhammer Fantasy module has one person and one from the 40k module working on it, they desperately need the help to create a full module for the Warhammer community.

Warmachine and Hordes modules are currently still not started (other than bases and two horde sprites) if you wish for these to be done, we will need some sprites for these, currently we want the Battlegroups, to get a working module done.

Aeronautica Imperialis has entered the planning stage, with bases being drawn up but we need help with the cards and base sizes etc and again more sprite drawers.

IF you have any spare time to draw sprites all help will be greatly appreciated and comments on work is taken in good faith as well.

If you wish to help PM me on LO or join these forums,
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Pickle and the Vassal Team

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Every help is most welcome.

We are trying to bring all Factionsets to the Marinessets quality, but right now, its only me and Pickle and so it would take a long time.

So if you want to create sprites for us, this would be very welcome.

For example we would need new sisters, new tyranids, witch and xenohunters, servitors, many Chaos options (all vehicles, bikes, demons including great and princes, bikes and oblirators), new ork codex options.

Not to mention, there are a lot of Imperial Armour, terrain and Apokalypse units to create.

So if you would like to help us, you can tell us what you would like to create, create the sprites and we will implete them (or you can do it yourself).
If you need help or advice, I am always willing to help, you can post your WIP sprites or you questions also in our Vassal 40k forum:
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