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425 League List

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League Lists [850 this week]

The league started last Sunday, and here's the list I used.

Necro, cmdr, lvl 1
Necro, lvl 1
10 zombies, sb
10 zombies, sb
5 dire wolves
5 dw
5 dw
420 pts
4 power
4 dispel (thanks, V_S)
37 models

I played two games and won both. I play one or two more this week at the same point level.

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won't u get 4 dispell from 2 basic dispell dice and one from each other the necros?
How about one bigger unit of skeletons instead of two small zombie ones?

I like the idea of having two places for my necros to hide.

As an undead player i just don't like wolves unless you've got lots of them...they're just too weak and die too easy. Personnally my army would look like this:

Necro cmdr lvl 1
Necro lvl1

12 Zombies with musician. (giving a stb to zombies is like gifting your apponent 100 victory points in a's just too risky. They're not meant to win combat alone, so i'd just take the musician incase)
12 Zombies with Musician (the added bonus of having 12 zombies is if you put them into ranks of 4 then you start with 2 ranks)

X5 Black Knights, sb, barding. (these guys pack a hell of a punch, are hard to kill and will scare the wits out of your apponent in a small battle. Every army needs a punch, and this would be yours.)

I agree that you can sit back for a little while and raise more zombies, then some others for flank charges, while the 5 BK will kill off enemy characters (killing blow), other cavalry, and skirmishers.

All of this totals to exactly 425 points.
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My new list at 850 is this.

Horatio, lvl 2, cloak of mist and shadows
Polonius, lvl 2, rod of flaming death

15 zombies, mus, sb
15 zombies, sb

bat swarm x 2
wolves x 6
wolves x 6
wolves x 5

fell bats x 3

850 pts on the nose (the limit)
6 casting and 1 bound
4 dispel and 0 scrolls (unusual for me to have no scrolls)
54 models, pretty respectable for 850 pts, I think.

Fluffwise, the lahmians aren't involved yet, so the troops are simple to reflect the necromancers leading them. Horatio likes to experiment with zombies, hence no skeletons (that and points are thin). The cloak is there for survivability and to tick off my opponent who had such a tizzy about hiding in a building. The rod is good because of all the toughness 3 armies out there, all-goblin, elves, empire, and so on. Plus, according to the fluff, Horatio is still unlocking the secrets of Arkhan's book, so none of that yet.

The wolves were so successful last time that I had to take them again, slightly increasing the numbers.

Batswarms are annoying. I dont usually play with them, but they don't suffer CR wound loss, and Horatio and Polonius dont have command over spirit hosts yet. They're still learning.

The fell bats do what fell bats do, harass, march block, take out warmachines, and so on.

The list isn't very different from the first round, but it was effective, and two units of flyers should make things go really well.

I know it seems like I put a lot of limitations on the army, but any thoughts?

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So far, I have four wins, one draw, and one loss. Damn those Dark Elves--my draw and loss come from them! He's running an all fast-cavalry army, except for scouts and bolt throwers and cold ones. I just can't catch them, even with my wolves, which get shot to pieces.

Still, I'm clinging to the best record in the league and want to stick to it.

Here's the newest list. It's still building off the first one.

[1275 level]
Necro, gen, lvl 2, BoA, scroll
Necro, lvl 2, RoFD
(I had a wight lord but ditched him for more troops--the BKs should hold their own without him)

16 zombies, sb
20 skeletons, fc
5 dw
5 dw
5 dw
batswarm @ 2

fell bats x 4
8 black knights, fc, banner of doom (I've suffered enough shooting and it's only going to get worse: two empire armies, two dark elf armies, skinky lizardmen, goblins with lots of archers, wolf riders, and bolt throwers)

Another option is to drop one zombie and take two spirit hosts instead of two swarms.

The skeletons will add some staying power, unlike my two units of zombies that hit cold one riders on the flank and front, had about 40 models, and eventually were killed to a man. The knights should add a real threat missing in the lower lists.

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