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This a Battle Report from a game I played yesterday, it took over 4 hours to play but was one of the most fun games I’ve had all year. Here’s what happened…

I went into the LGW with a 2K list packed on a Sunday, hoping to find someone to play at the store. The owner said there was a Storm of Magic game going on and that I was welcome to join. Having never played Storm of Magic, I quickly skimmed through the book for about 10 minutes and added in the extra items and monsters. Then people started showing up and suddenly there were 5 of us, so it was suggested that we play Triumph and Treachery – a mode I’m also unfamiliar with, and with lists of 1500 points so then I really had to sit down and do a lot of rewriting on the spot.
The armies looked something like this:
  1. Heavy Metal WoC (Me): level 4 Metal Disc Rider, Festus, Stoat (level 4 Life!), a block of crushers and 2 blocks of warriors.
  2. Death WoC: level 4 Death on foot, Festus, a block of crushers, 2 blocks of warriors, and a Chimera.
  3. Happy Camper Goblins: Skarsnik, BSB, level 4 Fire, LOTS of war machines, netters, about 8 fanatics, some item that transforms the hero into a giant, goblin archers.
  4. Titanic Empire: Landship, level 4 Fire, Cannon, Hellblaster, 2 blocks of Swordsmen, 2 blocks of Handgunners, IC Knights, Warriors Priest, Dragon Ogre.
  5. Etheral Lizardman: Etheral Slaan High Magic (over points I think), Firemage, Skink Priest, Hydra, 3 blocks of Warriors.
The table was pretty open with 6 plates but there was a huge castle in the corner. Lizardmen got first pick and chose the corner furthest from the castle. I grabbed the corner next to the castle. Empire went opposite Lizardmen, Goblins took the castle, and the Death WoC took the tile between myself and Lizardmen.

I drew first turn and sent my Festus block into the Castle to clear out the gobbo war-machines (the castle was 5 buildings in size), and this also happened to force out all his fanatics, which made everyone else at the table very happy. I didn't want to rush into combat with my Crushers too soon, since I was worried about the goblin spear chukkas kebabing my Skullcrushers on a failed charge, so they just inched forward to block their Line of Sight with the tower. For magic I Dwellered the Death WoC Festus block down a bit, but failed to give my Crushers the 2++ save from Lore of Metal.

Goblins drew second turn and wanted to do some fancy moving stuff, but I used a card to prevent a key unit from marching and that pretty much locked his army in place except for a single unit of netters. He responded by blasting my intruding Festus block with a level 3 Fireball (only killing 2) and then hit my Lord with some kind of horrible spell that did 25 S4 hits!!! But thanks to a 2+ armor save, charmed shield and the 'unkillable' ward save I didn't take a single wound. Shooting involved a lot of arrows, but luckily for me all his war machines managed to either miss of misfire so I only lost another 3 warriors. Below is a photo from his turn.

View attachment 39521

To be continued....


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Next up, my friendly neighbor Death WoC draws his turn. With just 12" to reach my Crushers and M5 he declares me his enemy and charges rolling double 2's and limps forward. Still, all is not lost; giving the Lizardmen a huge cheesy grin he starts chanting "Purple Sun, Purple Sun" and we're all feeling pretty bad for the Lizzies all bunched up tight in the corner, but to his credit the general just cocks an eyebrow and says "go ahead" like he's Eastwood packing a Smith & Wesson 500. The roll fails to IF and is shut down, then Festus flops his own cast and that's the end of magic.

Empire decides to get into the game and ignoring the O&G's swings his entire army around to fight the Lizardmen, with IC Knights positioning up to charge. Magic is a blowout, with the Lizardmen shutting down pretty much every spell. Shooting doesn't do much either, a few dead Warriors and some amazingly bad misfires from the war-machines.

Then Lizardmen hit back marching right up to the Empire, and sending a small avalanche of spells to cause panic in the handgunners and swordsmen units. One High Magic spell is quite scary, doing S4 hit to every model every magic round and decimates a swordsmen block. The level 4 Empire wizard also ends up taking a wound, despite his 3++ ward save. An entire unit of Warriors flies over threatening the nearby artillery.


Death WoC gets the first turn and his Slaanesh Warriors enter the game. Unfortunately there is only one place for them to enter and that is between my Crushers and his Festus Block, so he squeezes in and moves them 1" in front of my Crushers. The Chimera flies over to position a charge against either my Lord or the flank of my Tzeentch Warriors next turn. For magic he only had 6 dice, so he gives his Slaanesh Warriors regenerate and poison attacks, but sneakily declares the Lizardmen his enemy, so I cannot dispell anything.


O&G's turn again and he hits my Festus block with everything that can shoot or cast spells. I shut down the only scary fire spell, but when the smoke clears the unit has been seriously damaged forcing a panic test, which passes.

My turn, I charge the Slaanesh Warriors with my Crushers and decide to pull out of the castle and exit outside of the O&G line of sight - the Chimera I ignore, but the Stoat I give a movement boost to march him 20" into the forest for a rear charge on his Festus block later. For magic I cast throne of vines and then try to boost the Crushers toughness, which is dispelled, as is the 2++ ward save spell. Fortunately I do get Earthblood to give them regenerate and use one of my cards to give the unit +1S in close combat. S6 ensorcelled weapons and S7 juggernauts obliterate the warriors, who manage only 1 wound in return. I take out the block and overrun into enemy Festus and his boys.


To be continued...
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