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[500] Friendly List

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Ok so im brand spankin new and some long weekends are approching
and I thought I'd go ahead and start a small force. My friend plays tau
:D so CC is definately needed. However my friend hasn't won all that many
games(probably due to the fact there are tons of experience people around us)
and he gets discouraged easily and my crap out. Here is my list, do you
all think its reasonable and not to intimidating?:

My Army
Brood Lord:Extended Carpace, Flesh Hooks and Toxin Sacs
Retinue:9 Genestealers with Extended Carpace and Toxin Sacs
Termigaunt Brood:Fleshborers and Scuttlers
Spinegaunt Brood:Spinefists and Scuttlers
Lictor:Feeder Tendrils, Flesh Hooks, Rending Claws and Scything Talons
500pts Exactly
His Probable Army
Shas'O Crisis Commander:TL Burst Cannons and Shield Generator
:Body Guards:TL Burst Cannons, Shield Generators
12 Fire Warrirors:Two Gun Drones:120pts
12 Fire Warrirors:Two Gun Drones:120pts
500pts Exactly

The board we will most likely be playing on will be about four by four in a
city square. Both sides(left and right) will have a row of building on the edge
as well as a road and line of trees. The middle will have a fountain and statue a
bit higher than a Tyrant. Any suggestions on my list or comments will be taken into
consideration and appreciated.
:w00t: PIECE OUT ALL:w00t:
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Your HQ is terribly expensive, I'd cut it down to 5-6 genestealers and only give them extended carapace, as for the broodlord himself he really doesnt need any upgrades against tau.

The scuttlers on the gaunts are very expensive, but if you're going to infiltrate your broodlord, you might need them.
Personally though, I'd drop scuttlers and get zoanthrope with warp blast and synapse, it can babysit the gaunts untill they reach the broodlord, which shouldnt take too long with fleet of claw, plus the warp blast is great for taking down suits.

Also, I'd get some more gaunts, perferably hormagaunts as these very fast critters will tear firewarriors to pieces and they dont need any upgrades to do this. The alternative is more spine gaunts so you can swamp him.

The lictor is a great choice against tau , if he can make contact with a firewarrior unit, its as good as dead, same goes for everything tau, except maybe kroot herds.

As for the list being reasonable, using a broodlord in 500tpts games might seem a bit cheesy until one looks as his cost (incl retinue) and the fact that he cant fleet of claw, I'd say he's the worst tyranid HQ against tau.
I would have gone with a unit of warriors instead, you could get around 7-8 good warriors for the cost of your broodlord and retinue, I wouldnt field more than 4 warriors though, using the rest of the points on gaunts and a zoanthrope.
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well its good for a first time list. BUT do u have any other unit types like a hormagaunt squad might be good. also but some warriors like Gorbass said...sooner or later you can get a 'fex XD
The thing is I currently dont have access to gettting warrirors at the time because of purchasing strat so I only have access to 2 gaunts boxes and about 50 more dollars in models that I can get, well plus my 15% discount.

However I can see where the Brood takes a bunch, I guess im gonna go with the Zoan and Brood Lord with less genestealers and maybe a few more gaunts. Well thanks guys for your responses. :D

Here is my new list:

Brood Lord: Flesh Hooks
:Retinue-6 Genestealers
14 Spine Gaunts
8 Homagaunts
1 Zoanthrope:Warp Blast and Synaps
1 Lictor
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