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Ok so its time to head up to my local hobby store 31st Century Games and Hobbies.
I have a rematch between Dark Eldar and my Necrons. While I'm up there I will be
buying the start of my tyranid army which I hope to field mostly assembled by the next
week. Here is the list on what I'm going to start with. I have around $150 to spend. You
all think this is fairly reasonable. My main enemies will be Dark Eldar, Tau and maybe some Gaurdsmen.

Buy List:
Brood Lord
x2 Boxes of Gaunts
May proxy Genestealers(im grabbing
them through the battleforces)
Battle List:
Brood Lord: Flesh Hooks
:Retinue-6 Genestealers
14 Spine Gaunts
8 Homagaunts
1 Zoanthrope:Warp Blast and Synaps
1 Lictor

Say whatever you think will help. All comments will be appreciated:D

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I would drop the lictor for now as it is more useful in higher point games were it can help with reserve rolls and ambush powerful shooting units like devastators. I would replace it with either a unit of warriors with devourers and scything talons or two groups of one ravenger each with scything talons and rending claws. Those are just some basic suggestions otherwise the rest of your list looks like it should work pretty well.

Hope that helps
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