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Hello, and thankyou for looking at my post!

This list is prepared for a 500 point border patrol "schools tournament" and has some slight additions to the normal rules;

- No rares whatsoever

Others which involve different set scenario's which are less relevant.

My list is as follows;


Liche Priest (Hierophant)
+ Skeletal Steed
+ Neferra's plaques of mighty incantations


10 Skeletal Warriors (Archers)
+ Light armour

9 Skeletal Heavy Horsemen
+ Standard Bearer
+ Champion


Tomb Scorpion

List Total; 500 points

My current army list conforms to the following border patrol rules;

- One infantry unit of 10+ models
- Liche Priest maximum 165 points
- One Special choice
- No unit larger than 25
- No magical standards
- No war machines

I am looking for a general critique of the army list, as i struggled greatly when writing it. Essentially my plan was to use the mobility and versatility of the horsemen to break units in combat, causing them to flee. This is the reason why i have 10 models on horseback, to provide a high unit strength for outnumbering. The plan would obviously be to charge using spears, casting vengence to gain more attacks with the strength bonus of the spears.

As a note; If anyone can think of anything better to spend the last 10 points i have, other than on light armour for the skeletal warriors - please tell me!!!

Thankyou for reading my post, and i look forward to hearing from you :)

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No Rares!?! that sucks... the usual list i recommend for BP revolves around an SSC.

Bearing in mind your heavy Cav are will likely be wanting to see combat, get that Priest off the horse and on foot. You do not want him in combat, especially here where you will loose if he dies.

Have the Priest with Cloak of the Dunes. The Plaques are a good item, but bearing in mind here that if the enemy has so much as a Dwarf, mage, or Khorne unit then they will have 3 Dispel Dice. You magic will be fairly well negated mostly, so imo the Plaques are a waste of points.

The most improtant choice is you special. While a Scorp may be the obvious, you have Core Swarms available for tunelling. And with no SSC, its likely youll be wanting an offensive list. Take 3 Chariots. No command.

Core, the skellies are a must as you need a min of 10 infantry. No Command or armour, just 10 archers for your Priest to sit in if need be.

Onto the Swarm, basically an ICFB replacement for the lack of a Scorp. One should do fine.

That leaves you with 120pts exactly. to go well with the Chariots, some Heavy Cav. Fairly hard hitting, as TK units go, but also good Unit Str. Make the most of Fear. A unit of 6 is your only real option, but an option never the less.

With your remaining points, either add Music to all 3 units, or add 3 skellies to the bow unit. Think id go with the Music.

Banners and champions are appealing at first, but the cost of Champs generally arent worth it, especially in small skellie units, and for Chariots. At such a low points level, even one banner stolen by the enemy can cost you a lot. Hence id avoid them too.

So, to sum up:

Hierophant w/ Cloak of the Dunes

10 Skellie Bowmen w/ Music

6 Heavy cav w/ Music

1 Scarab Swarm

3 Chariots w/ Music

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The first thing i would like to say is, thankyou for the advice Pheonix!!

I can see where your coming from with the multiple seperate units, which i would most likely operate in a flanking arrangement as it's got a unit strength 12 horsemen unit which could be quite decicive. The army list you have offered totals 458. Should i choose another swarm or perhaps even another chariot? (Below list includes extra chariot)

I can definately see what you mean by the standard bearers, i was thinking more static combat res, but thats not going to matter if they annihilate the unit giving them a cool 100 VP, which in BP is the ticket to massacre.

So i could run;

Liche with cloak

10 Skellie archers
- Music

6 Heavy Horsemen
- Music

1 Swarm

4 chariots.

This would be a total of 500 points exactly.

Being quite new to TK, i dont know the full benefits of the cloak. Although flying is tactically interesting, could you give me some ideas of how to utilize that power to full effectiveness?

Also; Could you possibly give any suggestions on what i would do against a list like this;

9 x Chaos Knight
- Std
- Music

Asp Champ
+ Mount
+ Flail

10 x Maurauders.

I wrote this list for a friend of mine also going to the tournament, and just realised i don't know how to beat it!!!!

Thankyou so much Pheonix,

Matt AKA -Smurfboi-

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I forgot to add Music to the Chariots initially, have edited that in now. I think you may have added up wrong, my list comes to 498. I think, unless ive missed something glaring... kind likely bu still i think im right lol.

As for the Flying Priest, the main purpose of the cloak is to avoid trouble. Mostly combat, but also stay out or range and sight of shooting and offensive magic. Your cannot afford the death of your Hiero. Also its good for getting spells where they are most needed, although as i said your spells wont be so decisive here, that point is mainly for higher point games.

Against 9 Chaos Knights... ermmm... run?? As fast as your little bony legs will carry you! :p I think you may have sealed your fate here by designing that list.
Your best bet will be to just concentrate archery on the Knights, pray for one or two kills. Wait for the right time, then get everything in combat at once, charging with the Chariots and Cav.
Aim the Priests magic missile at the Marauders til they are weakened a little, then send in the Swarm and pray for poison.
Those Chaos will make for a tough game though no matter what you do. Have faith in Fear! make those Knights run with it! even though they get Psych Rerolls...
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