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At the GW store I go to, there are a LOT of young players. These players tend to have fairly small armies, not terribly well thought out. While i could take a highly resilient list, and try to not lose anything, I think it's more fun to play a list that they feel they can battle.

So, this isn't an optimum list, it's more of a fun list. I kinda want the kids to see a bunch of stuff.

Farseer, Fortune, Guide, Singing spear. 108

Guardiansx10, Scatter Laser. 95
Dire Avengersx5+Exarc, PW&Shimmershield. 99

Fast Attack
Vyper, Shuriken Cannon. 50

Heavy Support
Wriathlord, Bright Lance, Scatter Laser. 145

Total: 497

I figure the Farseer would hang out with the Dire Avengers, center, and fortune most of the time. Vyper would hunt light tanks or sit back and wait to add in a little more oomph.

The Fallen
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it does what it says on the tin, I think If I were trying too show kids what the army can do without simply beating the pants off them, I would try and beat it in modules of about 120-140 pionts so I can interchange, also would look at more aspects, but then would swap it about, be nice to show them bladestorm
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