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Morning all

Im taking part in a 4 person 500 point tournament on the weekend , but im stumped for ideas on what to take,

im fighting dwarf . empire and a chaos armys.

Im always tempted to take masses of goblins on small fights :]

Any ideas would be great thanks

i am da Wahhchief
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if your all in one corner, go for something that will survive, while the others fight it out, trolls can take some cannonhits, do not DONT take chariots no thats a no!

anyhoo herds are brilliant because of their low cost per unit (10 squigs per unit will do)
i would fill it up with more goblins (as you allways do), and perhaps an orc leader to make sure your fellas dont run while they take the hits
Fanatics and blowing up herds can make a 4 way battle alot of fun

oh and bolt throwers...
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