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hey all. i have a battle coming up next week against imprial gaurd. i thought id try a new formation for my iron worriors. so hear it is let me know what u think.


1 chaos lord
pwr wepon
bolt pistol
d strength
d resiliance


1 oblitorator (for any tanks he may have)


8 csm
7 with bolters
1 with heavy bolter=120

7 csm (lord will join)
bolt pistol=105

heavy =100

1 basilisk


let me know if u have any suggestions or questions

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You could drop your lord to a lieutenant and drop the resiliance. The extra wound and toughness are overkill when fighting guard in hth, since he'll be killing everything within base to base usually.

Due to the majority armour rules, his extra toughness shouldn't come into play when his unit is shot at until the rest of his squad is dead.

And if they get a chance to shoot your IC you're in trouble anyways.

Use the points gained to either bulk out your squads and/or buy infiltrate or a rhino. You need to get in closer to be able to get the jump on him in hth or have more bodies to soak up incoming fire. Given that most people don't like Rhino's now, and that you'd have to drop something else to afford it, more bodies or infiltrate will probably be your best bet.

I'd lower the squad size of your shooting squad and add more to your hth squad, but that's just me.

Oh. And buy a flamer or two for the hth squad. They will work wonders against guard.
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