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The Tactica for this IG unit is strike hard and then walk calmly to the objective.;
HQ:CCS w/ AC 60;
Elites:Marbo XX;
Veteran Squad w/ 3 gren. and Chimera transport 140;
Veteran Squad w/ 3 gren. and AC 95;
Fast Attack;
Rough Riders Sarge w/ Power Sword and Melta Bombs and three additional RR's 100;
Scout Sentinel w/ Autocannon 40;
I've wanted to use some Rough Riders in an IG army for quite some time, however I specifically want the 100 point Rough Rider squad in the army list. All advice and critiques welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Get 3 chimeras for the CCS and vets and use them as a wall for the cavalry to hide behind. Take max special weapons in the squads.

Marbo and the sentinel can wait until a larger points limit list.

Drop the powersword from the cavalry if you need to as they tend to be a one shot weapon. Chimeras should have ML+HF. Try for a melta or two in the CCS and flamers or GLs in the vets for general utility.
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