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Hey everyone.

I've just bought the army book and am trying to build a 500pt, 1000pt, 1500pt, 2000pt and 2250pt paper army before buying any more models. Here is the 500pt army.

C & C are most welcome :)

[165] Mage
+ level 2
+ silver wand
+ dispel scroll

[90] 10 x spearmen

[142] 7 x swordmasters
+ standard bearer
+ banner of arcane protection

[100] Repeater bolt thrower

Total = [497]

The plan is to squish everything with the swordmasters, shoot everything with the RBT and magic everything with the mage. The spearmen are there to skewer everything.

I've never played a game of warhammer, but just collect and paint the models, so any help regarding a good composition at this points level is appreciated. I'm hoping to start playing at the local GW shop in the new year.


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I find Mages too expensive and unreliable for low point games.

I prefer a noble, it just packs a slightly better punch and enemy magic shouldn't be too crippling, (famous last words).

Other than that everything seems fine.

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i actually do like the mage in low points battles, but i would leave the dispel scroll at home, with 3 DD with +1 to dispel will most of the times be enough in these small battles.

you might want to consider more shooting, as shooting is very powerfull in these small games. just swap the spears for archers or LSG.

The SM don't need a fancy banner, especially against magic is unnecessary. run them only with RnF , or change the banner for the banner of ellyrion.

the bolt thrower is great! in these small battle's your opponent probably doesn't have any warmachine hunters, so you can really wreak havoc with this one!

good luck!

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i think scouts are very nice in small battles this is my 500 point list

noble shadow armour enchanted shield longbow 130
10 archers 110
7 shadow warriors 144 shadow walker 16 160
1 repeater bolt thrower 100
i think the scout going to march block and shoot from back and only shoot shoot shoot with rbt and archers
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