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500pt Build Campaign List

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Hello All,

My gaming club is starting up a new 500pt build campaign and I'd like to play it with my newly obtained DE army. Since this is my first list, please advise as I would like to get off to a great start and begin to understand how to use a DE army.

-Great Weapon
-Heavy armour
-Sea Dragon Cloak

Warriors x10

Warriors x15
-Std Bnr & Musician

Harpies x5

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Notes: Hero will be with Warrior unit of 15. I plan to use the harpies to fly behind enemy lines to march block, giving me more time to pepper my opponents units with the xbows and repeater bolt thrower. Further, I use them to hunt down mages if possible and (if they are still alive) use them for a rear charge when I charge with me warriors.

Questions: I have entertained the thought of adding magic item to my hero that gives him an extra dispell dice, but I'm unsure. I will be playing a wide variety of armies, with veteran generals. Does anyone believe, at 500 pts, that my force will be decimated by a magic heavy army? (There is a limit of two hero per army)
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