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As a total newbie to any kind of Warhammer I plan to play a Tau army. My friend IzeColt is going to field his Emperor's Children (check out the painting detail!) and Okkiw will have some loyalist marines. The games will be friendly, but I'd still like to have a chance of winning

I'm going to buy only the Tau Battleforce box (for now), so my unit selection is quite limited. I am willing to do some conversions though. I consider myself to be more of a painter/sculptor than a gamer, and I'm currently an unemployed student, so I'd rather not buy more units. I've been reading the Tau Tactica and the XV8 guide and built this list:

Shas'O (Converted from regular XV8)
Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, HW Multi-track, HW Target Lock, Stimulant Injector + Shield Drone (Converted from a Gun Drone)
('O, Stims and Shield Drone to help the newbie to keep him alive. Overkill?)

3 Stealth Suits, One of them with Fusion Blaster 92pts

8 Fire Warriors 80pts

Devilfish with Disruption Pod + 2 Gun Drones 85pts

9 Kroot Carnivores + Shaper (Converted or self-sculpted) 91pts

= 500pts

I still have these units leftover:
4 Fire Warriors
2 Kroot Carnivores
3 Gun Drones (if I convert one of the six to shield drone)
Does this list make any sense against MEQs? What kind of tactics would you suggest?
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