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500pts 13th company and patrol force

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This is my idea for 13th company at 500pts and also for good measure a combaat patrol

wolf lord 121
Belt of Russ
Frost blade
Bolt pistol

6 grey slayers 126

6 grey slayers 126

Heavy support 127
2 long fangs
Missile launcher
1 pack leader
Bolt pistol
cc weapon

500pts models 16

combat patrol
elite 156
6 storm claws
6x bolt pistols
4x cc weapon
2x powerfist

troop 126
6grey slayers

Heavy support 112
2 long fangs
2xMissile launcher
1 pack leader (combat patrol commander)
Bolt pistol
cc weapon

394pts models 15
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In 500 pont games I always take a wolf priest as my HQ, they are cheap for waht they do, just give him a bolt pistol and you are away.

I don't think the long fangs are worth their cost at 500 points.

Use list one with a WP, lose the LF nad udd members and plasma/meltaguns to the grey slayer squads, though the tau will give you the run around, the list is harder than you may think (especially if you give the priest healing potions and balms).
the first one is a normal 500pt army so a wolf lord is required, if i get rid of the long fangs is 4 multimeltas enough to deal with a carnifex?

the 2nd list is a 40k in 40 mins combat patrol which come to think of it doesnt need long fangs at all if that was what you were refereing to, and the maximum armour will be av13

My new combat patrol

troop 6 grey slayers
2x multi meltas

elites 8 storm claws
2 powerfist
8 bolt pistols
1wolf guard
bolt pistol
wolf tooth necklace
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oops, my mistake about the lord.

As to your 40k in 40 mins list, the storm claws aren't as good as you may think, the lack of shooting really hurts.

Here's a combat patrol list I have used to great success-

Wolf priest- plasma pistol, healing potions and balms

9 grey slayers- 1 meltagun, 1 plasmagun
- wolf guard pack leader, wolf tooth necklace, boltgun, power weapon.

That should leave you with enough points for a bit of gear.

The list does seem very fragile but I have had success with it (its probably down to my amazing dice rolls when I use the 13th comapny).

Take as much/as little as you see fit.
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what about this

hq rune priest105
storm shield
power weapon

troop 6 grey slayers 146
2x meltaguns
4 bolters

troop 6 grey slayers 146
2x plasma guns
4 bolters
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That is a sweet list, maybe switch the storm shield for a bolt pistol and try and get the belt of russ in there?

Otherwise that is a very strong list IMO and should go far.
Yeah, it's a fine list. I assume you don't have to take a WL in a combat patrol?

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