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Hello guys this is going to be my first bat rep I've ever posted so if incase there is some room for improvement just tell me. I'll take any constructive critisism you guys give me.

I knew I was going to fight a Chaos Marine player so I decided to use an anti - MeQ army.

The board had a good sized building on his side and I had a good sizd forest on my leftut a movement phase away from the building.

Tere was some open ground to the left of my forest and a hill right after the gap. To his left was some impassable terrain.

Chaos Marines:

sorcerer Lord w/

- rminator Amour
- Power fist and bolt pistol

5 xChaos Marine Squad w/

Bolters and a Missile Launcher

5 xChaos Marine Squad w/

Bolters and a Missile Launcher

5xTerminators w/

-power weapons and combi bolters and
-1 Reaper Auto Cannon

The guy went over the limit by about 2 or 3points

Eldar: (Me)

Farseer w/

Doom and Fortune

5x Dire Avengers w/ Shuriken Catapults

5x Dire Avengers w/ Shuriken Catapults

5x Dark Reapers w/ Reaper Launchers

5x Fire Dragon Squad w/ Fusion guns

(Yeh I did'nt put in any Exarchs because Iwas on a points budget.)


Space Marines

He saw me putting some Dark Reapers up on at my side to cover alot of ground so he hid his entire army right behind the building.


I set up my Reapers out in the open to cover alot of ground on the field and shoot down any Marines that were'nt in cover.

My Farseer was behind the forest ready to Cast Doom and fortune on my Reapers

I put all my Avengers in the forest on my left.

I placed my Fire Dragons all the way to my right just behind some rocks.

Turn 1:

Eldar - Meh all of his men were behind the building so I just moved my Fire Dragons up around the rocks and behind some woods out od LOS of his army. I cast fortuneReapers


One of his squads move to the side of the building and his Terminators and his HQ come right behind them (If he moved his terminators out unsupported they would have surley been hit by the Dragons). His other marine squad moved into the building.

His Marines in the building fired at my Avengers killing one out of 10

His Terminators and his othe Marine squad went for my Reapers. Killing none (I almost lost one but my firtue power saved him)

Turn 2:

I cast Doom on my Avengers

My Avengers move out of the forest and shoot the marines in the building (ruins actually) seven Avengers are able to reach them with their range. With the mass of fire power I had plus doom 7 wounds on his squad he was in a building (ruins) Sso he only got a 5+ cover save (ha ha) killing 4 out of five.

My Dragons move through the woods ready to hit the Terminators and his Lord

My Reapers shoot the othe Marine Squad beside the building and I give him 6 wound and what do you know I have an AP of 3 so I wipe his squad out.

My Dragons hoot their Fusion Guns at the Terminators and I take three out of five down.

At this point he has only his Chaos Lord, 2 Terminators and one Marine left.

He says "WOW" and his Men pass their leadership tests (even the lone space marine) The Terminators and his lord move shoot downing 2 and assault. My Dragons do nothing to the Termies and his Lord (as expected) and his men wipe my Dragons out.

His lone Marine runs, Shoots and fails to kill any of my Avengers. In his assault his Marine goes out because of my Avengers high Initiative.

Turn 3

Eldar :

My Farseer casts Doom on my Avengers

My Avengers move up to the Termies and his Lord

The Reapers and Avengers fire on his Termies.

To make the long story short he had to take 19armour saves and one Terminator goes down


His Terminator fails his leadership test and runs leaving his Lord all alone...

His Lord assaults my Avengers and kills three, My Avengers do nothing in combat.

They pass their Leadership check.

Turn 4: last turn

No matter what he could do at this point even if he got my Avengers to Panic and he tramples them all over while they flee He' still lose by points. So we just called it a game.


He also commented about my army being a little cheesy at the end of the match sand I said, errr well I just did what an Eldar player was supposed to do in a aituation like that. Get the right tools for the right job and strike hard and fast.

He did commend me for that second turn massacre. He said that he was expecting me to throw in a Grav tank or a wave serpent so he chose to go with some missile launchers and a power fist.

BTW: Do you guys think that fielding an army like mine is cheesy even if I knew that I was fighting a Marnine player? Its the only sensible thing to do isn't it?

Edit:Sorry about the typos and the grammar, I was in a rush while typing this report.

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My Avengers move out of the forest and shoot the marines in the building (ruins actually) seven Avengers are able to reach them with their range. With the mass of fire power I had plus doom 7 wounds on his squad he was in a building (ruins) Sso he only got a 5+ cover save (ha ha) killing 4 out of five.
ruins are a 4+ save, not 5+

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1.Doom is a power cast on an enemy squad
2. Why did he only get a 5+ save when shot by your avengers when he was in cover (a 4+ save at that) and not his normal 3+ power armour save?
3. If his terminators where in a unit with his lord then a) they would use the lords ld and b) if they failed that roll the lord would flee too
4. What do you mean by the "marine goes out because of your high Initiative" did he charge you and you beat him in cc?
No offence but there are a number of things in this game that don't add up and the battle report could be structured a lot better, at the moment it is a little confusing trying to figure out who is where and doing what.

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He can only get missile launchers in his marine squads if he has 10 men.

what you're doing is 'metagaming' that is .. preparing your army specifically for your foe.

It's generally seen as poor form.. but to be honest at 500 points you have a massive advantage over Chaos.

I think Chaos needs at least 1500 before it can become a decent opponent.

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Well this was only my third game so all I've been doing have been friendlies except one where I was in a GW shop and I got pwned, the other one was against the same opponent.

My friend and I got into this game at just about the same time and he's only had two fights (both with me)

We've watched a couple of fights though in our local shop.

The Lord was'nt counted as being with his Terminator squad for some reason... Maybe he forgot or he did'nt know. You need 10 guys in a squad to use Missile launchers? Ill go tell him to re read his codex.

I have to re read the codex too for DOOM too... argh sorry :|

As for the ruins we both thought that it only gave us a 5+ save.

And its a good thing you guys told me that what I just did was "Meta-gaming" and that its considered bad form. I'll remember that once I start playing WH40k for real in my shop. I thought it was the only sensible thing do to... Well yeh I guess I'd be upset if my opponent did that to me.

Okay no more tailor made armies for me.

So as you can see we're both still in that stage where we don't know all the rules yet.and I guess I should'nt have tried to post a battle report without even being familiar with my codex.

The next time I wright a report I'll be sure to know all the rules.

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Haha, they gave you abit of a hard time over your battle report, it does help to know the rules but for a new player you did ok. Although you should pick an all rounder team 500 points you were always going to pawn... lol. When writing battle reports it helps to add a sort of storey line feel to it, like from the vantage point of your commander.. But hey. i enjoyed it regardless!

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ok dont worry about metagaming, it isnt as bad form as Karmoon makes out, it tends to happen by default anyway as players will automaticacly buy stuff that works against their regular opponent.

there are odd rules things in there which most people have pointed out, however I think that you may find more enjoyment, in smaller battles, playing with combat patrol rules (see the main rule book), in 400 points or there abouts, indeed up to about 750 points, normal rules can seriously unbalance the game, combat patrol was designed in part to deal with this, it makes creating the army lists less arduous (fewer mandatory slots) whilst limiting the more lethal stuff, try switching into full rules from 750 points onwards

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All in all, congrats on the win. It takes time to learn the rules, so don't worry too much about it. As for metagaming, it's all up to your personal beliefs. I personally agree with Karmoon, it's just not that sportsmanly IMO. Talk to some local players about it, see what you think.

As for rules, I suggest learning them as fast as you can, you'd be amazed at how many rules people break, don't know, or take advantage of you not knowing if you aren't aware of them.

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If I read it right, your opponent was doing a bit of meta gaming of his own, choosing missile launchers because he expected grav tanks, his meta gaming just went wrong.
If both players do it, and agree on it, I see no problem with it. In the end though, I find it more fun to use one list for all opponents and learn to use it well, no matter the opposition. But that's just a question of what you like your games to be like.
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