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Doctrines- Grenadiers, drop troops, close order drill


JO w/ Power weapon, missal launcher, Company Standard 60pts

Sanctioned Psykers 12pts


1st Platoon

HQ- JO w/ power sword, missal launcher 55pts

1st squad w/ heavy bolter, vox, grenade launcher 76pts

2nd squad w/ heavy bolter, vox, grenade launcher 76pts

Genadier squad w/ 2 plasma guns 120pts

Heavy Support-

Basilisk 100pts


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Isn't there an army list section to put this in? :)


Lose the standard. Lose the voxes. Lose the grenadiers. Add Iron Discipline Add Sharpshooters. Keep Drop Troops ( I love this doctrine ) :) Keep COD.

Ok...try something like this:

HQ: JO+HI (honorifica) ID / LC / GLx2 (SS)

Troop #1 - CS: AC GLx2 (SS) / SQ1: ML GL (SS) / SQ2: ML GL (SS)

Armored Fist : ML GL (SS)
Chimera : HB turret HB Chassis / smoke

You might have a point or two left to make some tweaks and mods here and there.
I like Bassie, you can bring her instead of the AF...figure out the points.

This list gives you a few things:

HW platform on Chimera. 6 S5 AP4 shots
HW in HQ and some "reach out and touch you" ability in your line.

Why eliminate Gren's, standard and voxes:

• Grenadiers are point suckers and you can bring more boots to the fight at less cost w/o them.
• Voxes seem useless since you should use your command bubbles and at 500pts, your lines will be small enough for that.
• Standard is a HUGE point commitment at 500pts and with a JO with honorifica and ID (elevates his status to HSO) you should be fine.

Keep the Chimera on your flanks to protect your lines, don't move it out into firing lanes because it'll get fragged immediately. Don't think the AF will zoom out, take and hold a position. 9 out of 10 times, it's just a dream, never a reality. Drop in with your army if you like, but if you do, I'd then suggest leaving the AF out of the fight as it will be picked off immediately with nothing on the field to support it until (maybe) turn 2.

Dropping works beautifully when its a concerted effort with ALL of your forces. If you leave a few ducks sitting in the back hoping for 4's on turn 2, you might find yourself in a pickle and losing pieces left and right.

GL = Grenade Launcher
ML = Missile Launcher
AC = Autocannon
LC = Lascannon
HI = Honorifica Imperialis
SS = Sharpshooters
ID = Iron Discipline
JO = Junior Officer
SO = Senior Officer
HSO = Heroic Senior Officer
COD = Close Order Drill


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A few things, apart from it not being in the army list section!

1. Drop the voxes the command squad doesnt have one so they are useless.
2. Psyker is not a great choice though if he is being dropped in then keep him
3. Too many heavy weapons for a drop army get some plasma in the command if its dropping.
4. Bassie is nice but without indirect its gona be the target of all anti tank which wont be much but considering its armour isnt good. Perhaps swap it out for soem sentinels (they cna drop in too and their multilas are quite good) you could get a couple for the points of the bassie.
5. The grenadiers squad has of way of reaching the enemy so keeping it to a minimum size is the key. so drop 5 men form it which will give you a load more points. In fact if you dropt he voxes, downgrade both missile launchers, change the bassie to two sentinels and dropt he five grenadiers you can get a chimera for them!

In a small points game you have to remember the enmy may be more spread out so mobility is more important. By the same token bassie fire will be less effective if you miss, that being said it probs wont be around long enough.

If you change the things ive said above you get,
5 less hellguns, no bassie and lose two missile launchers. However you do get,
3 multilas, an extra heavy bolter, two extra plasma and far more mobility.

TBH if you target a marine squad with three multilas and a heavy bolter thats 9 strength 6 shots and 3 strength 5 which should wipe a few out. COnsidering the extra space and the improved mobility it could be good.

Hope that helps


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If you dropped all your Command Squad Missile Launchers and Power Weapons, and lost the Psyker and one Grenadier, you could get a Leman Russ Battle Tank with 3x Heavy Bolters instead of a Basilisk. Lots of dakka dakka, a tank that's hard to crack at that points level, and a template.

It's also important to note that you don't have a vox in either command squad, so the benefit of it in line squads is, well, none!
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