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Okay, I'd like to have 2 killa kanz, but I got the dread for 1/2 price on ebay, so I couldn't resist. Can't use it in my patrol force, so might as well go for 600 and include the warboss too...

Og "Da Boss" Grotstompa
Warboss with Big Shoota, Choppa, Heavy Armor, Bosspole

Grotnutz (haven't settled on a name yet :)
Nob with Slugga and Choppa, Big Horns, Bosspole

20 Slugga Boyz (or 2 units of 10)

12 Shoota Boyz with 3 big shootas

Dreadnaught with 2 big shootas

Wartrack with twin-linked rokkits

2 Kannons with Grot krew

600 Pts

Should I ditch the nob's bosspole for tankbusta bombz instead?

I tried for a mix of shooty and choppy, with some anti-tank just in case. Will it work? Is it better to have 2 squads of slugga boyz or one big one?

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What? No comments?

Alright, well I played my first battle with Orks, using some proxies, against some Imperial Fists. It was close but the Orkses lost. Og Da Boss actually survived the battle unscathed! He only had 4 boyz with him though, staring down some Devastators at the objective...

Anyways, I DEFFINITELY need tankbusta bombs. I had a mob of slugga boyz and my warboss stuck for 3 turns in close combat, losing boyz every round, while trying to hack it in the back. Finally stunned it and quit losing boyz, then the next turn got 2 immobilized results to destroy it. I wasn't quite sure if I was doing the combat correctly, but I'm going to ask that in a different post.

Here was the updated list:
Warboss, heavy armor, bosspole, choppa, big shoota
16 Slugga Boyz
16 Slugga Boyz plus nob with big horns
Dreadnaught with 2 big shootas
wartrak with mega-blasta and extra armor
2 Kannons

The kannons didn't do jack, but that's mainly because they had to spend a couple of turns moving before they could get a line on any of the enemy. The Mega blasta overheated and stunned the crew on the first turn, then was eliminated by a krak missile before it got another chance to do anything. So the only thing I had that could hurt the Dread was my dread, but it had the lower initiative, and the SM dread just ripped the driver right out and made a Red Squishy for the Captain.

So, only the boyz did anything--but they kicked @$$!!! Killed the Captain, 10 tactical marines, 5 assault marines and the Dread after charging across open ground and being hosed with boltgun and assault cannon fire!

Here's my dilemma--what's the best source of anti-tank power i can put in this list if the cannons can't see anything? What if I dumped the mega-blasta on the track, put rokkits on it instead, and then used the extra points to put 3 rokkits in a slugga boyz mob? Would that be good enough?
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