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Hi everyone,

I decided to collect imperial guard after reading Commisarlestat's thread on how to purchase imperial guard. Here is my frist list which is made up using a commissar , the battalion, two extra boxes of guardsmen and some special weapons. I will be using it against manly Tau, Necrons and Space Marines.


Command squad
Junior Officer w/ power weapon
4 gardsmen w/lasguns
Commissar w/ power fist :


Infintry platoon 1
Junior officer w/ power weapon
4 guardsmen w/Lascannon
I.S 1 w/ Heavy bolter
I.S 2 w/ Heavy Bolter

Infintry Platoon 2
Junior officer w/ power weapon
4 Guardsmen w/ 1 plasma gun
I.S 1 w/ Grenade Launcher
I.S 2 w/ Grenade Launcher


Leman Russ w/ Heavy bolter (hull), Heavy bolters (side sponsons), extra armour

TOTAL: 577pts;Y (23pts leftover). PLease feel free to comment, critisise and change this list.

Watcher In The Sky
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Well, if you are planning stand-and-shoot gunline style then you may as well grab another couple of heavy weapons, put them in platoon 2's line squads.

If you can Grenade Launchers in platoon 1's squads as well as the Heavy Bolters.

Power Fists are nice, but at this point level I would give the Commissar a simple power weapon and scrape together a few more points for a second lascannon, or drop the existing lascannon and have a pair of Missile Launchers instead. At 600pts few armies bring multiples of heavy armour.

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Good list for a start. Since you got some points left, a standard for the command squad would be useful (morale reroll ) or just buy some more weapons. And when you have that last point unspent, bolt pistol !

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I think this a strong army list, but if you are planning to stand back and shoot you should lose the power fist on the commissar and then perhaps add some heavy weapons support squads to the command platoon

Mr Commisar to you
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I feel I should grace this thread as I was an inspiration (revels in warm glow from inside)


As already said the powerfist isnt needed. This squad should be set up for leadership mainly so go for an honorifica or iron discipline and a banner could be good. A mortar could also be helpful in here if it is in a leadership role as it could then still fire.

Right there are a couple of things in here that need seeing to. Firstly put that lascannon in a squad, one with a grenade launcher, then give the grenade launcher to the command squad. Nice and simple change. As you are using these squads as basic it means the lascannon has 10 nice fleshy wounds rather than a mere five (one of which is vaguely important).
Something to consider is stormbolters. Now powerswords are all fun but at the same cost as a stormbolter you have a choice. Basically if the squad which woudl get a grenade laucnher also gets a stormbolter it becomes more powerful against it's intended infantyr target.
The powerswords at this level are also using up valuable points two of these swords could be dropped to give a command squad a mortar or get another plasma somewhere or a grenade laucnher and a couple of bolt pistols. Essentially the amount of firepower is more importnat than self defence with a sword at this level.

heavy support;
No problems whatsoever.

This is a good list overall. The lascannon and the powerfist are the only things that really need changing and they are pretty minor shifts.

Are you considering taking this up to 1000 points if you are just say and I'm sure we can oblige you with some advice on purchases and the list.

hope that helps

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