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hi I have recently bought a battle force and have kitted it out with the following:

5 Death Company --1 with thunder hammer and bolt pistol 1--plasma pistol and chain sword 1-- with power sword --and all with jump packs

5 Assault squad--1 with a shield of some sort 1--melta gun-- and all with jump packs

10 tactical squad--1 with an missile launcher 1--flamer 1--with chain sword and bolt pistol

1 rhino with heavy bolter

I have also accumulated a space marine captain with lightening claws and power sword and a storm bolter
but I also have a librarian in terminator armour with a plasma pistol and weird book on a long stick

I also have 2 random terminators 1 with 2 lightening claws and one with a shield and lightening claw

I have £50 to spend on any thing else

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I am assuming you want help to build a list for the blood angels chapter. Correct me if I am wrong but from the units description (weird book on a long stick LoL I liked that too much :) ) I get two things: You have a great sense of humor and I fear you are not familiar with the rules of the game.

Are you in the modeling or gaming aspect? If you are for the gaming then you need to familiarise yourself a bit with the rules by either getting the rulebook or codex first (you will need both eventually). Best start with the rule book IMHO to help you grasp the basics and perhaps give you insights on other armies (though I get you fell for the sons of Sanquinius) in case you like some other marine faction or other army better and then grab the appropriate codex.

The rhino with the heavy bolter is called a Razorback ;)
The shield on the assault marine sergeant is called a combat shield and gives him a invulnerable save.
Blood angels terminators dont use lightning claws with Storm shields, in fact there is no terminator configuration that can do so.
At least none that I am aware of.
The model with the chainsword and bolt pistol in the tactical squad is the squads sergeant.

Any questions we are glad to answer.

For a start though if you want to play as the blood angels you need to enlarge the assault and death company squads to ten models.
The librarian can serve as your mandatory HQ choice and is in fact a good choice. If you enlarge the squads and throw in another transport you will have a force to start small scale games.
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