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650 points for a doubles tourney

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I have only very recently got into Warhammer and play a few games at the local Gamesworkshop with other beginners. Soon there is a trip the Warhammer World, which includes entry to 650 points per person doubles tourney. I'm not an over-competative player, but I do want my army to be able to put up a decent fight. Having no experience of competative play and playlists, I need help selecting what to take.

So suggestions please for a 650points doubles army.
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I guess the main question would be do you know who your partner will be ahead of time? Is it a friend, or will they pair you up with someone there?

In the case of a friend it would be good to get a feel for what his list is too, that way we can get an idea of what kind of synergistic elements you can provide with his force.

If its a complete stranger I might lean towards throwing a sorcerer into the mix just so that you don't get shafted for magic defense. WoC have some of the most resilient sorcerers, have a statline not unlike a warrior.

Alvarelbandito list certainly looks like a good starter army. Should be reasonably easy to make use of, and provide a good showing.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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