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650 points for a doubles tourney

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I have only very recently got into Warhammer and play a few games at the local Gamesworkshop with other beginners. Soon there is a trip the Warhammer World, which includes entry to 650 points per person doubles tourney. I'm not an over-competative player, but I do want my army to be able to put up a decent fight. Having no experience of competative play and playlists, I need help selecting what to take.

So suggestions please for a 650points doubles army.
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Chaos knights for me would be a must i don't think many armies would be able to deal with them quickly at 650 but it depends how you kit them out- standard is probably a must for the +1 combat res , but don't spend too many points on them otherwise you will find it hard to block out your army with anything else than marauders.
If you want some magic in there a level 2 sorcerer with a power familiar is pretty decent- with a mark or one of the lores.. overall you'd be getting 5 power dice all that can be used on that 1 sorcerer if he is your only magic user.

with the warriors i'd run the them in ranks of 6 x 2-3 -that way you are making the most of those 2 attacks each.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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