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650 points for a doubles tourney

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I have only very recently got into Warhammer and play a few games at the local Gamesworkshop with other beginners. Soon there is a trip the Warhammer World, which includes entry to 650 points per person doubles tourney. I'm not an over-competative player, but I do want my army to be able to put up a decent fight. Having no experience of competative play and playlists, I need help selecting what to take.

So suggestions please for a 650points doubles army.
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Something easy?
Exalted Hero, shield, Flail, Mark of Tzeentch, Collar of Khorne=154
Chaos Warriorsx10, MoN, shields, musician&standard bearer=208
Marauder Horsemenx5, flails, MoS=85
+5 chaos knights for a special choice
Comes out to 3 points under 650.
Your exalted heros' statline is... A 2+armor save or 4+ armor save and str. 7 on the first round of combat. And a 5+ wardsave. The unit has defence against shooting with MoN and magic with mr 2 from the hero. Run them together, if the enemy has a huge cavalry unit of doom, use the horsemen to lure them away and hit em with the knights and nurgle unit.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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