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Dear forum,

I am currentyl playing the 6th edition (that is to say the BEST edition ;) ) with some friends. I would like to ask for a clarification on a tactics that involves skink units.
Let's suppose the following configuration:

.......[ e e e e e e e e e e]
............. /
s1 s1 s1
..s1 s1 s1.....s2 s2 s2 s2
s1 s1 s1 s1....s2 s2 s2
..............s2 s2 2s s2

......[k k k k k k k k k]

"E" is the enemy unit
S1, S2 and K are my units

In that scenario I would like to ask some questions:

"E" charges "S1", "S1" flee as reaction to charge. "E" decides to pursue "S1", but "S1" rolls a sufficient high result to escape the charge. Thus, "E" decides to redirect the charge against "S2". "S2" rolls a result that is lower than the charging distance of "E" minus the distance between "E" and "S2". However, the result is high enough to get behind "K", which is actually extremely close to "S2". What happens in this case?
- Is "S2" destroyed?
- Is "E" considered to charge "S2)?
- Is "S2" safe and does "E" stops 1" from "K" beacuse this is the second charge redirection?

I hope that you can help me to understand better this situation.

For the sake of transparency: I am asking these questions because I would like to exploit a couple of units of skirmishers in order to make a strong enemy cavalry to fail the charge and then charge them back with a heavy hitting unit.

Thank you in advance!
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