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Ok so I was going to go crons but have now turned around and gone nids. Mainly because I didnt want my bfm stealers to go to waste. So i present to you two possible starting forces.

HQ: Broodlord w/ Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs. - 90pts

Genestealer Retinue 6x Genestealers w/ Extended carapace, Toxin Sacs - 144pts

Elite: 3x Warriors w/ Toxin Sacs, Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, Deathspitter, Rending Claws - 114pts

Troops: 8x genestealer w/ scuttlers, Toxin Sacs - 176 pts
8x genestealer w/ scuttlers, Toxin Sacs - 176 pts

-700 pnts exactly

Or I might drop the warriors for

6x genestealers w/ scuttlers - 114pts

Please tell me what I need to do to improve this list.

(I dont have all the models yet, not until april, so i wont be able to playtest it or anything)

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First of all, drop all the toxin sacs on the stealers, they are going to be doing most of their damage on rending.
I wouldnt run three different warriors with guns then give them all a CC weapon. Personally, i think dakkawarriors (warriors with +1S +1BS +1Sv TL-devos {three of them cost 114}) are the best shooty warriors there are. If you do mix up warriors like that, make it easier to understand. You should list them like this:
Warrior brood x3 (All with +1S)
Barbed Strangler RC
Deathspitter RC

It is a little easier to understand.

I understand that this is an army with the models you currently have, but you really need to get a carnifex or something. A good way to jump right up to a 1000 point army is to buy a battleforce. You get: 3 warriors, 8 gaunts, 8 hormagaunts, 8 genestealers, and 1 carnifex. Its a great deal, you're basically getting a free carnifex. You probably wouldn't use the gaunts for a while (until you build up a decent swarm), but you could use everything else and make a nice stealer army with good support.

Make sure you are sure that you want your warriors a specific way before you build them. When i first started buying models, i had know idea what i was doing. I buit my first 12 warriors and carnifex and 10 gaunts based off the pictures in the book, thinking that those were what everyone used and were good. Now i plan on breaking off all of there arms to give them different weapons.

The first carnifex you should build needs to have Venom Cannon Barbed Strangler Enhanced Senses (the head with the antennae) and a defensive upgrade. This is probably one of the best carnifexes there is.

Good luck and welcome to Librarium-online ;Y
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