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121 + HQ

121 - Master of Sancitity w/ CCW, Bionics, Jump Pack (Trust in your Blood Brothers)

391 + Troops

209 - Marine Tactical Squad (9 men) w/ Missile Launcher (sergant w/ pistol and ccw) (Infiltrating, Trust)
182 - Marine Tactical Squad (9 men) w/ Plasma Cannon, Plasma Pistol (sergant w/ pistol and ccw) (Drop Pod, Trust)

50 + Fast Attack

50 - Landspeeder

110 + Heavy Support

110 - Predator Destructor w/ Heavy Bolters

Total = 702

This is what I've got so far. I'm intending this army to be totally WYSISWG. The general strategy is to have one marine squad infiltrate, the other drop pod in. The Chaplain moves (using his jump pack) to support which ever squad moves into close combat (for the reroll misses).

My big question is this: Where do I go from here in order to turn this into a working 1000 or 1500 point army? It's a Blood Angel one, but I'm not sure where to go. Any comments would be sweet!

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I don't play Blood Angels but I know someone who does. Two words: DEATH COMPANY. You buy that extra upgrade with your Chaplain so you start off with some, you WILL munch through most units. Heck, while you're at it add another Chaplain so the effects stack. Effectively you will have a 400 Point (Including Chaplains) HARD AS HELL to kill Death Company.

I would probably take out the Missile Launcher and the Plasma cannon in favor of Meltaguns and plop those squads in Rhinos. (Black Rage will screw over heavy weapons)

Use the Rhinos as a moving wall of Armor so your Death Company doesn't get shot up and run through their troops like a hot knife through butter with... That's Right! The Death Company!

If you feel the need to get some anti tank, do the gay thing and get some scout bikers (if you can codex does wierd things with scouts)
81 Points: 3x Scout Bikers, Scouts, Melta Bombs, Bikes, Charge = 42" Of death. Not to mention the Black Rage.

Give the Landspeeder an Assault Cannon if you can. (Most player won't mind if you have the actualy model but not the gun.)

Not sure if it's a Blood Angels rule and all, but pretty sure you can't infiltrate with Normal Marines.

That will give you a pretty decent 1000+ Points Army,
but for the record: I = NUB
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