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750 Alpha Legion

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Please heavily critique :D :

Chaos Sorceror 141
MoCU, Infiltrate
Wind of Chaos
Melta Bombs, Frag Grenades

8 Legionaires 176
MoCU, Infiltrate
5 Bolters
2 Plasma Rifles
Aspiring Champion
--Bolt Pistol
--Power Weapon

8 Legionaires 190
MoCU, Infiltrate
Frag Grenades
6 Bolt Pistols/Close Combat Weapons
Aspiring Champion
--Plasma Pistol
--Power Weapon

5 Legionaires 110
MoCU, Infiltrate, Tank Hunters
4 Bolt Pistols/Close Combat Weapons

Chaos Predator 135
Autocannon Turret
Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Daemon Possession

I disdain the use of Meltaguns... it's just not my style. In context with this list, I believe they draw unnecessary attention to infiltrating combat squads, plus a Flamer is going to be fun to use :D. The Sorceror has Talons to represent his martial pride, he uses a chainsword and gets good strikes with it, very fluffy. I find it very balanced, with horde control and anti-MEQ. I'm worried against mobile armies, but generally just looking for flaws, or helpful buffs to add.
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Okay, your troops look solid. Squad one and three are quite good, and should serve you well.

Squad two however could use some touch ups. Why have you chosen Power weapon + Strength over the Powerfist? While it's not a terrible choice, most people consider the powerfist to be a better investment. Going with the Powerfist also lets you drop the frag grenades, since they're really not worth having on line troops. If you plan on keeping the Power weapon, drop frags on the squad and buy the Champ frags from the armoury. Also, drop the Plasma Pistol. Waste of points, and potentially hazardous to your health.

The HQ is fair, though he really should have a Power weapon of some sort instead of the Talons. I realize you want it for the fluff factor, which is fine, but he's going to have a very hard time killing anything in Close Combat.

Where is your anti-tank? I see a single Lascannon, which isn't nearly enough. Do you expect to not face much armour? If so, I can see why you're skimping on the anti-tank, but if you expect to see a Predator, the one Lascannon and Meltabombs won't do you. Not at all.
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