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750 Marines for Tourny

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Ok, I am in the right part of the forum now. Here is a list I have put together for a 750 point tourny I am competing in. I had a similar list last year, but with a veteran squad to go with the Chappie. Although I won twice and drew one, the Vets got shot up or out assaulted too much . I thought I would run with more firepower and some objective grabbing numbers. Two of the 3 missions are alpha, the third gamma. Please tell me what you think.

Chaplain Matthias
Bolt pistol
Frag grenades

Tactical Squad ‘Firestorm’
6x marines with Bolters 90
1x Marine with Missile Launcher
1x Marine with Plasmagun

Tactical Squad ‘Incursus'
5x marines with Bolters
1x Marine with Flamer
1x Marine with Meltagun
1x Veteran Sergeant with Terminator Honours, Bolt Pistol and Power Fist,
Frag grenades

Bushranger Squad ‘Moonlight’
6x Scouts with Bolt Pistol CCW,
1x Scout with Missile Launcher,
1x Veteran Sergeant with Terminator Honours, Bolt Pistol and Power Sword,
Frag Grenades

Landspeeder Tornado ‘Deathbringer’
Heavy bolter, Assault Cannon

Devestator Squad ‘Adversor’
4x Marines with Bolters
2x Marines with Heavy Bolters
31 Troops
1 Vehicle HQ 12%, TROOPS 62%, FA 11%, HS 16%

Thanks for looking ,

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I see you have a tac squad with a flamer and a meltagun. I'd drop the flamer. You may want to read this flamer tactica:

Actually, I recommend you read them all, but that one applies here.

So, dump the flamer. I do like a tac squad with a meltagun (or 2, if you're using Cleanse and Purify) and a pfist SGT, but they need a way to get in close to use them... like a drop pod.

If it were me, I'd also dump the scouts, pump up the dev squad, and if you have enough points, another LST.
With regards to your scouts, if you want to use them I would try not to mix their battlefield roles. They would be more effective as either a fire support unit or an assault unit.

I would drop the Missile Launcher and upgrade the veteran’s power sword to a power first for an assault unit. If you want fire support you could keep the missile launcher, drop the sergeant and give everyone bolters or sniper rifles depending on you preference.
Thanks for the feedback guys. My thinking with the scouts is that missile launcher isnt there to blow up tanks, it is there to make the opponent rethink his plans. They will be less likely to expose a flank to a missile launcher, even if I have little intention of using it. It has worked for me before. 10 points to make the opponent react to your moves? Priceless...
I went with the powersword because my scouts struggle against power armour, but sheer number of attacks on the charge do in most others. At least the powersword will be hitting at initiative, not letting him take all the wounds from models near the powerfist.
Belial, I had a look at that tactica, and I largely agree. However I would need more points to make it another melta, and it has come in useful once or twice. You are probably right though.

Sound tactics with regards to the rocket launcher, units don’t not always have to make there points back in order to be useful.

Also the powerfist is normally recognized as the mort effective option for a veteran sergeant as they can grant much more flexibility. It allows you to be able to take on monstrous creatures, wound almost anything on a 2+, and instant kill most independent characters. These advantages can be extremely useful with the minor drawbacks of costing 5pts extra and striking at initiative one. Also the sergeant can not be single out by most attackers which means that rest of the squad would normally have to be wiped out before he can be injured. It great increases his chances of using that fist even if it is at initiative, if that was your worry.

Just my thoughts…
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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