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750 Juggerlord Khorne list - thoughts?

Lord - Juggernaut, Axe of Blind Fury, Sigil of Corruption, Vets of the Long War - 175

16 Chaos Marines - CCWs & Pistols, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Vengeance, Power Sword on the champion - 290

5 Spawns - Mok - 160

3 Bikers - MoK, 2 melta guns, power fist on the champion - 121

Total - 746

What do we think? It's unbound obviously.

Lord goes with the spawns as a massive close combat (and distraction unit), regular marines are there to engage enemy troops (tactical marines, that sort of thing) in close combat, while the bikes are there to zip forward and destroy tanks. I'm hoping the spawn and lord will be the biggest fire magnet, which will allow the other units to do their job.

I've no expectations of it being perfect of course, (Khorne is probably one of the weaker builds, if not the weakest after all!) but I'd like it to be competitive enough not to get tabled at any rate.

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