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750 point list for tourny

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I hope I have the right part of the forum. Here is a list I have put together for a 750 point tourny I am competing in. I had a similar list last year, but with a veteran squad to go with the Chappie. Although I won twice and drew one, the Vets got shot up or out assaulted too much :wacko: . I thought I would run with more firepower and some objective grabbing numbers. Please tell me what you think.

Chaplain Matthias
Bolt pistol
Frag grenades

Tactical Squad ‘Firestorm’
6x marines with Bolters 90
1x Marine with Missile Launcher
1x Marine with Plasmagun

Tactical Squad ‘Incursus'
5x marines with Bolters
1x Marine with Flamer
1x Marine with Meltagun
1x Veteran Sergeant with Terminator Honours, Bolt Pistol and Power Fist,
Frag grenades

Bushranger Squad ‘Moonlight’
6x Scouts with Bolt Pistol CCW,
1x Scout with Missile Launcher,
1x Veteran Sergeant with Terminator Honours, Bolt Pistol and Power Sword,
Frag Grenades

Landspeeder Tornado ‘Deathbringer’
Heavy bolter, Assault Cannon

Devestator Squad ‘Adversor’
4x Marines with Bolters
2x Marines with Heavy Bolters
31 Troops
1 Vehicle HQ 12%, TROOPS 62%, FA 11%, HS 16%

Thanks for looking :yes: ,

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Belial said:
Aha! Thats where they go...


Sorry all. Feel free to kill this mods, I will try again...

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