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750 point World Eaters(for an 11 year old player)

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So,here's the list I gave my boy to play with at his local painting group.
He seems to have fun with it,and has beat his buddies marines a few times and lost once.
Tell me what you think.

Daemon Prince
Stature,Resilience,Strength,Feel noPain,Collar of Khorne,Speed,Dreadaxe,CCW
161 points

7 Berzerkers w/Chainaxes,1 Aspiring Champion
Champion has Talisman of Burning Blood,Powerfist,Mutation
190 pts

Second unit is identical.
190 pts

Heavy Support
Defiler w/Indirect Fire and Mutated Hull
205 pts

Total-746 points

Its pretty easy for someone who is learning the game to use.It teaches him about using cover and indirect fire.
Last night I showed up to pick him up just after they had set up to start playing.His Daemon Prince was out at the head of his army like any 11 year old proud of his new model would set up.
The Defiler was tucked way back in the corner behind a bunker he had placed.
It was a 3 on 3 game,the other side went first and the Daemon Prince had every Lascannon and Bike mounted Melta and Plasmagun on the board aimed for his teeth.
Ater the shooting was over,I asked him where he should have put the model.He put it down behind the Defiler,so lesson learned.
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I really have nothing bad to say about this list. The only thing I'd consider changing is the Mutated Hull on the Defiler, simply because if he's using Indirect Fire, he shouldn't be recieving any return fire.

I'm not so much of a fan of Statured Princes, but I can see how it's nice for him to have. Gives him a centerpiece model, teaches him how to play with Monstrous Creatures (and how to protect them!) and in a 750 point game, is an absolute beast.
I just find a 160 points on a deamon prince under a 1000 points is a waste.

I would say keep the stature, but limit on other DP. the mutated Hull as said dhould be dropped.

Try and put an Obliterator in. This will help him with a bit more flexable fire Unit. But I must admit I do not favour them.

Just to remind you, aspiring champions are free. So you pay your points for your 8 troops and upgrade to Asiring champion free. Please chack you squad points as they do not add up. I would assume you should have about 30 to 50 points freed maybe more.

As a normal squad with chain axes are 120 points. At most your squads should be 155 points, if you upgrade your Free Aspiring champion with gear.
Mordinkain said:
As a normal squad with chain axes are 120 points.
Add in the cost of the Mark of Khorne.
Sorry my last post, concerning the Obliterator. World Eaters cannot have Obliterators.

As for the Mark Of Khorne. My appologies. yes that would explain the 40 Points. But no Mark of Khorne was taken. Therefore negating the Blood Rage rule. Or do World Eater always take Marks Of Khorne? There is no rule that say they have to, but for blood rage to take effect they would need The MOK
Mordinkain said:
But no Mark of Khorne was taken.
I was working under the impression that since they have Khorne only wargear that they had the Mark of Khorne. Chainaxes, Talismans, etc. Also, the fact that he called them "Berzerkers" lends itself to suggest that they have the Mark of Khorne. You don't hear many talking about the Tzeentch Berzerkers....
True, my oversite then.
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