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Seer Council
2x Augment, embolden, mind war, fortune, 5 x pistols + CCW's -155
Im a little bit confused on your Seer Council. Can you make it a little more clear please?

10 guardians -80
10 guardisns -80
I'd try and get these some heavy/special weapons but I don't know where you would get the poitns. I would use these as a unit to counter his units. On your turn run the 20 gurdians into range before he charges and shoot him to bits with that 40 shots with those 2 squads. That should take a out a considerable chunk of his units.

8 howling banshees + exarch w/ executioner and acrobatic.
OR 8 Scorpions + exarch w/ stealth, but take off a CCW from the seers.
Definatly take the Scorps. They are a great counter charge unit - especially against hoard armies like nids'. Consider puting a Farseer in the Scorp squad with Fortune.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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